We spent our college years on the North Shore of Oahu and are forever ruined. Luckily, we live in The Philippines! To be honest we haven’t traveled enough within The Philippines but have done our fair share in South East Asia. We have sworn off traveling outside of The Phils and going to a beach. Never again.

Anyway, Bolinao had the laid back feel we loved about our time in Hawaii. The beaches were clean, slight waves, soft sand, tide pools and hardly anybody around.

We stayed at Puerto Del Sol and I highly recommend it. We are already planning our trip for next year.

I share more about our trip on my Instagram: amommabroad.

  Labor and birthing chair for $35 USD.
   I still can’t get over the places where my children nap.

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  1. First of all, loving this blog. Honestly, you are getting out way more than I am! I will be following for the field trip ideas alone. Also, I kind of want to move to Pasig now!
    Second, that’s not a labor and birthing chair, though now that you mention it, it does look like it. It’s just designed to catch a breeze. LOL! Ratan for the back and bottom and extra long arms so you can have your feet up and get a breeze through your wide open nether regions, too. Cheap, alternative air conditioning! My husband loved the times on his mission when he got to kick back in one of those. I think this may be the birthday when I finally get him one of his own. Every time we see them, he starts reminiscing about the houses that had not just one of those chairs, but would also give them drinks with ice in them. Missionary heaven. 😉


    1. amber says:

      Too funny! They told me it was a birthing chair when I asked. But I could get on the “airing it out” train!


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