These are Few Of My Favorite Things: Food 

Look what Chanda Poppins brought home from the wet market this morning. Cutest darn pineapple I ever did see. 🍍 #chandapoppins #manila #wetmarket #pineapple #piña #pasigpalengke #pasig
 Sunday mornings are better with smoothies. I always wondered why Chanda’s smoothies tasted better than mine then I saw the heaping spoonfuls of sugar she added. Since cutting down on sugars I have found some staples to keep our smoothies sweet with out the sugar. Of course you’re regular frozen pineapple, bananas, mangoes and honey, I have been adding this 100% pineapple juice. Bazing-a! Perks of the Tropics Smoothie: 1/2 Can coconut milk • 1 Fresh mango• 1/2 Frozen mango• 1 Cup Pineapple juice• 1/2 Frozen Pineapple• 2 Oranges• 2 Cups ice

  Sineguelas. My best description would be green apple mixed with a grape. Big seed in the middle and a little grainy. I love them! They sell them on the street but I would never think to buy them. Chanda Poppins (Chanda is our helper+ Mary Poppins= Chanda Poppins) is always sharing something new and magical. #chandapoppins #sarap #sineguelas #morefuninthephilippines #amommabroad

Colors of Baguio. Can’t beat the cheap and luscious produce up there.

 Pandesal. What my Saturday morning dreams are made of. Honey whole wheat, dusty burnt flour with a warm crispy outside. Mmmm. Plus the whole basket costs less than $1. #pandesal #amommabroad #sarap #comfortfood

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