You’ll Always Find What You’re Looking For: Fitness Wear 

I’m starting this series because it’s usually true, you will always find what you’re looking for. Being an expat from America I expect most processes and items to come with ease. Well, in Manila that’s not always the case- and it’s not a bad thing! I’m really loving this journey, usually.

In fact, lately I’ve been haunted with the thought of just walking into a department or grocer back home and picking up my item then paying for ur. A seamless transaction. Great, right? Well, I’ve gone native! The idea of that item not having a back story or me not haggling a little for it or no new back roads to get there….where’s all the fun? I didn’t used to think this way but it’s part of the journey that fuels me. It’s a challenge, an exploration or a treasure hunt.

Alrighty, now on to our first of the series: fitness wear. I used to stock up during home leave. Not true anymore.

Be Amaz1ng is a locally crafted company run by two female entrepreneurs who value quality goods and valuing your inner beauty.

It’s super easy to order. Check out their products on FB or IG and viber/message the number provided and place your order. Bank deposit the amount, email a photo of your bank receipt and your clothes show up within a day or two (in Manila). They do ship internationally.

Found here: Be Amaz1ng

And here: Instagram: beamaz1ng

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Jill Fazio says:

    You look and ARE amazing my sweet friend! Xoxo


    1. amber says:

      Thanks Jill! Miss your energy.


  2. aspiringmama says:

    I have read all ur posts followed u here from instagram. I just wanna say how inspiring you are. I wish i can become a momma just like you! Best of luck and more adventures ahead!! Ur posts never go unnoticed. Looking forward to more.


    1. amber says:

      Aspringmama, thank you so so much. Such kind words.


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