You’ll Always Find What You’re Looking For: Fitness and Gyms 

Back in Seattle we were members of The YMCA. Free child care, a range of classes, pool, the whole works. When we moved to Manila I automatically wrote of joining a gym for a number of reasons; traffic, money, no childcare.

A few years down the road and I am finding myself exploring new fitness opportunities.

Here are a few I’ve tried recently:

  • Focus Athletics: coming from Pasig the drive was far but after the hour workout I get why people are religious about this place. They have non-peek hour rates. First session is free and subsequent visits are 500php. You have a personal trainer who tailors a workout to your abilities. The equipment was so fun! It included box jumps, agility ladders, X-bands, ropes, foam rollers etc.  
  • Electric Studio: located in The Fort and having a their soft opening makes this site a must! This was my first ever indoor cycling class and it worked me over. The facilities remarkable. Staff super helpful. Instructor was so motivating. Towels provided, shower faculties available and water on tap. They are currently having a promo where you get 5 classes for the price of one. Go do it! Right now!        
  • Muay Thai: On Wednesdays a friend and I train on her pool deck with a Muay Thai trainer. For 400php (8$) you can’t beat it.    
  • Boot Camp: I teach a Boot Camp type class in The Fort and at my village park for other expat women. It’s a great way to keep me accountable but also take part in a very uplifting community.    

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