Travel: Baguio 

I was raised in California and then attended college in Hawaii and now live here. I can appreciate a good beach but at this point my soul craves the mountains. When we leave the city I want to see green. Green. Green. Luckily for us, Baguio is only a four hour drive away.

We have been fortunate enough to go with friends who work for The U.S. Embassy and stay on a U.S. owned compound. I think the privacy makes all the difference. Pine trees, crisp fresh air, cabins, fireplaces and good company. It’s easy to enjoy each moment there.

We have been up a handful of times and this time I had a few specific spots I wanted to explore.

First up: Mt. Cloud Book Shop

I found a handful of children’s Filipino books and Jake brought home a lot of Filipino graphic novels, Trese.  

Nardas: The textiles are to die for. I love table runners and this place was a goldmine. I picked up a ikat rug and table runner.

  Yummy cafe beside Nardas. 
  Lastly, Sabado’s, a handicraft shop. It was a bit pricey for the handicrafts in front but the baskets in the back were fairly priced. 
At the compound: games, bird feeders, popcorn, hot chocolate, TRX bands, trail runs and hikes.  
  Baguio’s beautiful roadside produce. 

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