Things To Do: MaArte Fair 

There is so much soul and culture in this country. A lovely friend, @arztfeed, invited and traduced me to @museumfoundationph’s curation @maartefair 2015. It’s all things I love! Culture, handicrafts, food and Filipino’s.


I am enchanted almost daily by the wonder of learning another’s culture. Tonight I had the opportunity to see a small part of Filipino artisans who will be showcased at @maartefair. This experience is so different than me walking into a Target and picking up a cute clothing or cool textile. There is a story and artist to every piece and I get to know a part of it. Thank you @arztfeed. I went away inspired. *See the sequins??? Yeah, those are mother of freaking pearl sequins! The makers collected the shells from the water nearby their homestead.

This was one of my favorite finds last night. Vallehermoso Helping Hands Foundation Inc. had its darling nativities and other Spanish inspired crafts. For only 150php (3.20USD) I couldn’t pass it up.

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