Traveling With Kids 

This was my second trans-pacific flight solo with the kids. Someone gave me the best piece of advice, “Say goodbye to your dignity.” Mentally and emotionally say goodbye, until you are laying in that bed on the other end. 😉

 Good morning! I am happy this photo was taken a year ago and not this morning. Kids clothing travel tips: sweats- can be worn day and night, plus comfort, t-shirt- simple to change, socks- planes get cold and feet get stinky, velcro shoes/Crocs- easy to remove but covers the whole foot, sweater/hoodie- planes get cold. Two extra sets of clothes per child and two extra shirts for mom. I always wear dark exercise pants in case they get dirty it just blends in. 😊 Think the amount of clothes is excessive? I’ve used them every single time. Wether it’s because baggage was late, vomit or a fresh pair before a 4 hour drive from the arriving airport. 
I always include a glow light of some type in the mess of toys.

Layovers are for getting the wiggles out!

  Our middle son has asthma and it can get bad fast. We travel with our nebulizer in our carry-on. Oz started to go downhill fast and the plane outlets didn’t work. All planes have oxygen tanks and it was a first for us but I am so grateful we did.  
Daiso, Saizen, Japan Home Center are the places to go for travel toys. This shower caddy is also from there.

Jet lag is no joke!

My husband had gifts waiting for us at our families home where we were staying. I highly recommend doing this. Everyone feels a bit more connected and thought about, which can be a struggle when traveling. We also order a box of diapers for when we arrive. No last minute store runs.



Mommy tip: find something you can do during the travel to still feel like an individual. This trip I embroidered during take off and delivery. I also caught up on pod casts.

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