Treasure Hunting: Mandaue Foam aka Filipino IKEA 

In 2009 we lived in a furnished apartment so I didn’t even have home design on the mind. In 2012 when we moved back we brought a container shipment of our home goods.

In 2013 we moved from a condo to a duplex and our space and offspring grew. 😉 Evangelista, Market Market and Landmark were the most accessible. Home goods seemed so hard to come by and I longed for an IKEA or Target.

We had our mattress made at Mandaue Foam and that was my first experience. My best description really of the Cebu based company is a Filipino IKEA.

This last trip was by far the most lucrative in terms of treasure hunting. I snapped these quickly just so I could share the finds currently at Shaw Mandaue Foam.

PLEASE BE AWARE THAT CUSTOMER ARRVIVE CHECKOUT IS AWFUL! I factor in it as a price I pay. May the force be with you.

You can check locations, store hours and even order online at

Update: I’ll share a few photos of our previous houses and how I used my finds from this Mandaue trip in a later post.






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