Mothers Who Brunch

The Internet can be such a lovely tool. I have been embraced by this online community in Manila whole heartedly, I am so grateful. I had the lovely opportunity of meeting some of these new friends in real life at Mother’s Who Brunch.

Michelle Aventajado was among my first followers. I remember our first conversation, about cooking! She has been a massive support since day one. Her equally fantastic partner, Sabrina Go, have started a movement for like minded women to come to gather, feast and inspire. All in the impeccable setting at the Viking showroom in Alabang.

I was in total awe listening to Jaqlyn of Ten Thousandth Spoon teaching us about Instagram photography and fold styling. It was a very cool experience! 
Sabrina, myself and Michelle.

  The lovely women. Each conversation was so uplifting and friendly. I cannot express my gratitude enough of the warmth these women embraced me with. 
Dream team: Ten Thousandth Spoon + Boqueria!

  One aspect I love about events in Manila is company sponsorship. Manila runs on FB and IG and companies know that so they are so willing to support by donating goods to get their name and reputation out. I am happy to be a part of the marketing. I made a promise to myself in the beginning that I would only be honest about my reviews. It’s not hard when there is a cake this beautiful from Shorts Gourmet. 

I know this photo is not picture perfect but it means so much more. Guys, the menu was Filipino and it was all so so so good. If every Filipino meal I ate was like this one I would be rolling down the streets of Manila. BUT look at the shrimp, I peeled them myself. I’m turning Filipino! I watched Michelle and just tried my best to copy her. Ha! I am here to say that I have been converted to cooking shrimp with their shells, the flavor is better. Hands down.  
A little food styling.



  Another one for the books. Thank you to all the sponsors for helping this tired mom feel a bit special. A massive thanks to Mothers Who Brunch and Ten Thousanth Spoon and Boqueria.

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