My Little Globe Trotters Blog Launch 

This online community has been only but kind and beautiful to me. The tool as yet to be the enemy and for thai I am grateful.

I have been chatting with Monica for months now and finally got to celebrate her hard work and inspiring platform also known as, My Little Globe Trotters.

Two weeks ago was the thrilling and insanely cute launch of My Little Globe Trotters. Monica has a knack for games and bringing total strangers together. In such a curated setting and inspiring atmosphere you are bound to have fun and feel a bit rejuvenated.

Recently, I read a post about the truths about traveling with tots and all I can say is AMEN, AMEN, AMEN. Monica gets it. It’s so refreshing to hear about photo ops going awry, mommy and baby being covered in some sort of gunk and then tender moments of nurse, care for your baby. It all resonates so much.

Monica and My Little Globe Trotters I am excited to see the places you’ll go, both on the globe and influence. You are such a force for good and I’m happy to be here to say, “hey, I know her!”

You had me at dessert table but then you said take away boxes, it as then I knew we were meant to be together.

Venue at the Aruga by Rockwell. Swanky. If you need temp housing, do it here.

Event styling: She Dreams in Ink

Sweets: Cupcakes by Sonja and Hillside Cafe. The apple cider vinegar, green apple, cayenne and honey concoction was made for me. Seriously.

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