Ladurèe at 8 Rockwell

Along with the rest of the world, I have heard about Ladurèe on every trendy social media account. So, naturally I want to eat some and see what the hype is about. Well, no need to go to Paris anymore, good ole Manila has the Parisian treasure right here in Rockwell.

Marie Antoinette was a slow film with low reviews, I for one loved it, purely for aesthetic reasons. The styling and costumes were to die for. Ladurèe had me what seemed to be the set of Marie Antoinette. I of course got a macaron named after her.

I have no shame anymore and asked if I could go behind the counter and snap some pics, the attendants sweetly obliged. The ribbon wall is even more glamorous in person. I wanted to touch every last detail!

  Things to know:

  • Macarons per piece are 150php. You can buy in boxes of 6 or 12, perhaps more. Chocolates and teas are also available for purchase.
  • Seating in Ladurèe is very limited.
  • For maximizing flavor and enjoyment read the brochure with each package. They recommend refrigerating for 15-20 min before consumption.
  • More info here 

*Do I think that it is bogus this macaron cost 150php, yes, absolutely. To be honest, I remember liking Mrs. Graham crazy flavors just as much.

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