Mountain Dew Skatepark at Circuit Makati

We lived in Makati for two years but driving to Circuit felt like a whole different city. We of course traveled to Makati on a weekend because there is no way I’m battling that traffic unless it’s to have a baby at Makati Med- ha! However, I have been loving the Makati Mandaluyong bridge. It’s been such a great time reducer.

A friend posted a photo of her young son riding his bike at the Mountain Dew Skatepark and instantly wanted to go. We brought scooters, bikes, strollers and helmets and stayed for close to two hours. We definitely could have stayed longer but it started to rain. We went on a Sunday morning and were the only ones there. I highly recommend it for all ages.

If you don’t have gear, no worries, rentals are available as are private lessons.  There is an entrance fee, which I didn’t know until we arrived. 

Registration and waiver building. So cool they repurposed the container as their storefront.

From the skatepark you can see The Pasig River. There is a small river walk next to it, which we enjoyed watching the fish and ferries/boats. The shipping containers you seem have been repurposed into houses. Incredible really!

Things to know:

  • Mountain Dew Skate Park is located at Globe Circuit events and is tucked in the back near the nice new soccer fields.
  • You have to register and sign a waiver.
  • There is a fee. We didn’t know this until the nice security guard told us after twenty minutes, whoops.
  • Rentals and private lessons are available.
  • Circuit is still very under construction so don’t expect it to be totally polished and oresentable.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Dean Gacusan says:

    Thanks for posting a pic of the rate and times that the park is open. Hard to find info for the park itself. Planning to go here soon just depending on the weather.


    1. amber says:

      I hope you go and enjoy. It is hard to find info so glad it’s helpful


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