Rustic Mornings, Marikina

Worth. It. Benefits of having Filipina friends, they show where the good stuff is, and they are quite possibly the sweetest.

Rustic Mornings was so close to me at one point, yet I had zero idea. When I went to the Shoe Musuem a few months back and had no idea where to eat, huhu, what a missed opportunity! Seriously people, if you are even remotely close to Rustic Mornings or need to make a day trip out of it, it’s worth it.

  The surroundings about did me in. The food wouldn’t even have to be that good, I would still come back.
    I mean…come on!
   Luckily for me, the food was good. Masarap! It was priced so fair, was served in such a timely manne, plus so fresh and flavorful. I ordered the beef tapa, Karla had the fresh mushroom omelet and we shared the cinnamon French toast.
 Grateful for good friends who good finds. 😉

Things to know:

  • Rustic Mornings is open Mon-Sun 8am -4pm.
  • Breakfast is served all day.
  • Reservations are not needed but a good idea.
  • I don’t recall anything bring priced over 300-400php. My breakfast was around 200php.

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