Bringing Home Baby 

A newborn baby is quite possibly the most intoxicating and euphoric experience. The love (and hormones!) are overwhelming but in the very best way.

I had two dear friends give birth within the last few weeks and I was reliving my newborn experiences. I loved having my dearest friends come visit us in the hospital. They were substitutes for family members as we are abroad. *A great aspect of living abroad is that you get to choose your “family”. You choose who to spend holidays with and who to travel with instead of obligation. It’s actually really awesome.

With that being said, I love my dear friends and showering them with love. I prefer to give gift baskets for baby showers using local products. A perk of living in Asia are baby knee pads for crawling! Hilarious but practical as floors are marble or wood. I love the brand Beba from Landmark and Robinsons. Enfant is also fantastic for your basics. My absolute favorite line of organic clothing, which I blessed my last baby in, is St. Patrick from SM. I usually use baskets just found at the grocery store and are often stored on top of the produce section, look up!

Recently I have started using Cetaphil baby. Did you know they have a baby line? Yes, the same Cetaphil that pulled it’s weight through our oil heavy teenage years, oi! Without fail my five year old tells me how “lovely” the smell is. I’ve been adding these to my bringing home baby baskets, another local edition.

Next time your giving a gift, think about your favorites and share the goodness.


Thanks for helping me share the love Cetaphil Ph.

This is a basket I made a few months ago. When arranging a gift basket I like to add these elements: background (tissue/blanket/cloth), height (make sure it varies), exposed and wrapped gifts (aesthetic difference)!




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mara says:

    Hi! i came across your blog and was wondering where i can find Tucks pads here in Manila? Thanks!


    1. amber says:

      Hi Mara, I am so sorry, i brought them from the US. BUT healthy options has witch hazel and you can make your own.


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