L’Indochine + Origami Dreamer

I love life abroad but I have anchors that transport me back home, L’Indochine holds a special place in my heart. When I am feeling down or need home inspiration, L’Indochine is my haven. I take a deep breath as I enter that store and immediately my nerves settle. Silly that a store can do this, but familiarity soothes the soul.

This is something Camille, of Origami Dreamer, and I have in common. We have both lived abroad, Camille in Indonesia and myself here in Manila. We both embraced a new culture while still finding familiarity in our roots. That is where Camille’s line for L’Indochine was inspired from. She expresses her travels and feelings through beautiful art that has now been created into a line of totes and bags. The price is so affordable apt for the holidays.

It is to view this items are just material but when you meet the artist it breaths life into them. Thanks for having me Char, Leona and Camille. Maybe someday I can put my inspiration into a work of art. 🙂






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