Vigan Kalesa Tour, Ilocos Sur

I will continue to profess my undying affection for Vigan. It has me wondering if I could be an expat up there. What would my life be like? As a family how exciting a summer in Vigan could be.

Vigan is not only for tourists but for families! My friend plans the best itineraries so I pretty much just mimic her plans. She writes Kids More Fun in The Philippines. After seeing her tour and another friend who visited Vigan recently we had a day planned already.

First up, find a kalesa. You won’t have to look hard as they are every where. Our hotel, Hotel Felicidad (another friend recommendation!) had one come and pick us up. Bonus! IMG_0068First stop, Bantay Belfry and St. Augustine Church. The tower was established in 1590! It was remarkable to view but thrilling to climb. There is a small fee to enter but I was happy to pay as they are attempting to preserve and also educate those who visit.






IMG_0072We were starving so we skipped over the museum, hoping to go the next day, and went straight to get empanadas. Irene’s has two spots and comes highly recommended so we stopped there and ordered way too many of the chicken and beef. They were of course, AMAZING! If you go to Vigan and don’t eat an empanada you should be ashamed, I kid, mostly. Where can a girl get a Vigan empanada in Manila!?



After our bellies were full we ventured up to The Pagburnay of Vigan. The kids were able to use the spinning wheel, view the massive kiln and walk around all the pottery grounds. IMG_0081




IMG_0080The entrance to the extremely long kiln. IMG_0079It just keeps going!IMG_0078The last stop of our tour was my absolute favorite, Rowilda’s Weaving Room. There is a shop on Calle Crisologo but I recommend going to the house where the weaving is happening. The price was the cheapest I had ever seen and the selection was magnificent. They had their Christmas linens being made right then and were also for sale. The kalesa rid to Rowilda’s was around 20 minutes and a ways from the historical area but we enjoyed seeing the other part of Vigan.


This sweet and spicy lady is 93 and named Elena. Her and her sons run Rowilda. It is such a treasure to meet the creators behind the art. It becomes so meaningful for me. IMG_0065



IMG_0062Vigan, you hold my heart. I will be back for more, so much more. XO

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