Calle Crisologo and Light Show, Vigan, Ilocos Sur

Vigan is where it’s at. You want culture, they’ve preserved it. You want soul, it’s oozing with it. You want time travel, take a seat. You want to explore, hop in. Vigan has it all and they want you to visit! They care about tourism. They preserve historic artifacts. Establishments are designed with the Spanish influence to keep with the “feel” of Vigan. Vigan gets it.

I have split our day in Vigan into three posts. Imagine if we actually got to stay our intended two days. My middle son got intense asthma and we had to drive 9 hours to get him to the hospital in Manila. All is well.

Calle Crisologo is most likely the images you have seen of Vigan. The clank of the horses feet are heard as the kalesa’s pitter down the cobble stone street. Original structures transport you back in time when the Spanish ruled. It has Disneyland charm but is pure and organic as opposed to a stage. Calle Crisologo is lined with shops full of native handicrafts, kalesa’s and empanadas are rampant and you don’t want to miss out.











Calle Crisologo opens shops at 8-9 am and are open late into the night. I highly recommend doing Calle Crisologo during the day and watching the dancing fountain and lazer show at Plaza Salcedo. We had the kids wear their bathing suits as per the recommendations from friends, so glad they mentioned it. They have a section of the show that is in a large fountain and then another that is open for kids to run around. It was all fantastic and an absolute must! I would have gone back each night. It feels so funny to have something so new and modern in contrast with the rest of Vigan but I view this as the city of Vigan offering more to tourist to do at night. They are investing in their city to help others continue to have a good time. It shows they care.




Vigan has left a massive itch that needs to be scratched. I will be back!

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