Krispy Kreme Factory Tour, The Fort, Manila

For playgroup we toured the Krispy Kreme Factory in The Fort. Having friends who also like to explore and are planners is a win win! They were very accommodating for our two groups of small children and their parent. The tour itself is max 25-30 minutes. You get to see the equipment and then decorate a donut. The children each get a hat, take home a box with 3 donuts and a cute certificate. It was 150php per child. I highly recommend this activity as the price is very affordable, location is easy and the duration is perfect for small children.

While we were waiting for our tour we played at the grounds on High Street. We lived in The Fort pre-kids and now it is fun to see our old stomping grounds turned into playgrounds. DSC02896DSC02903My middle son waiting for his Krispy Kreme official cap. DSC02907The tower of donut caddies found all over. I was having a heart attack trying to keep little hands from touching all these donuts. DSC02913The frying bed and conveyer belt. We saw more machinery such as the frosting machine and donut shaping/cut out. DSC02915All gloved up and ready to decorate a donut!DSC02929The frosting bowl. The chocolate frosting was surprisingly more thick than I had suspected. Your donut could lay on top and spin around. DSC02934DSC02972Yummy! A giant bowl of sprinkles where the chocolate donut will take a bath.DSC02975DSC02941Voila! Finished product. DSC02948DSC02939 DSC02959The largest whisk I have ever seen! I couldn’t get over it. Naturally, I had to take a dorky photo with it.DSC02967

Things to know:

krispy kreeme tourScreen Shot 2015-11-18 at 9.52.55 AM

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