You’ll Always Find What You’re Looking For: Craft Festival at U.P. Town Center 

Being in Manila at this time is just the best. A craft movement is alive and thriving with all the creatives and workshops. I am loving it.

I attended a craft party a few months back with CraftPartyPh by Juice Hut Manila and immediately find a tribe. These women have taken me in and shown me so many treasures in Manila. They recently teamed up with U.P. Town Center and had a craft festival with vendors, workshops and live demos.

As always, Boqueria girls knock it out of the park with styling.

 I got to join in the fun and do a very small and short sewing demo. 
My humble set up.

Mabby and Audrey gave it a go and made pennant banners.

I had peen keepers already prepped and a sample cut pinned and ready to demo sewing. Calligraphy is huge right now so I figured a pen keeper would be handy.

Weaving demo by Mikko.  
Chunky Chewelries available for a DIY station with their amazing teething beads.

Thanks for good times always Craft Party.

For updates on events find CraftPartyPh on FB and IG.

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