L’Indochine Loves Make It Blissful: Journaling Our Journeys

Journaling has always been a part if my life. Starting from a diary to a collection of spiritual experiences or documenting my marriage and birth stories, journaling has been there. Since becoming a mother my writing has become a bit limited. It’s incredible how a short afternoon can spark journaling joy again.

Brilliant and blissful Martine De Luna teamed up with the lovelies from L’indochine and hosted a few bloggers to come together for an afternoon of journaling. With the words and thoughts from Martine plus the stylish venue from L’indochine and an arsenal of paper goods we were set to go.

The most meaningful tips I took away from the afternoon were:

  • Print! Let the pages come to life with photos.
  • Jot it down. It doesn’t have to be long. It can be simple phrases or words but put it on paper. (I loved Martine’s simple poems using three words to create a similar thought.)
  • Make it beautiful. Let the words run but also decorate!


I still can’t get over the incredible design in L’indochine. Styling again by the incredible Indie of She Dreams in InkIMG_0089This is my second time to watch Martine in action, she is so sharp and so wise my friends! DSC02874It’s always a treat when you sit down to craft supplies. I got to escape from my role as momma and just reflect. IMG_0088We had a serious Oprah moment when L’Indochine+Make It Blissful handed everyone a new bag from their travel line. You’ve never heard so many squeals of delight. IMG_0091It’s always a good time when I see Hey Kessy stickers. 🙂 IMG_0090Look at her! Baby in arms! Can’t keep a good woman down! I love these strong Filipina’s. I am constantly inspire. IMG_0092IMG_0086

Thanks to the great sponsors we had a wealth of goods to create and take home. Special salamat to: Gourdo’s, Stabilo Ph, National Bookstore, Hey Kessy, She Dreams In Ink and Chelsea Kitchen and of course Martine, Char and Leona.

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