A Little Taste of Flow Retreats

Fitness plays a large roll in my life. I was involved in athletics my entire life even through university and continued since having my children. My path with yoga hasn’t crossed yet, but it will. To this day, there is only one fitness class I couldn’t finish and it was a yoga class. My entire body was quivering! I take this as an invitation to improve myself and practice of yoga. Until then, I will take a little taste here and there where I can.

Flow Retreats is a powerhouse cooperative of three like minded women organizing travel plus yoga. Dreamy, right? They offered a little taste in Manila this weekend with Flow In The City. I got a little taste and I want more. It is on my list to go on a Flow Retreat in 2015, mark my words!

Conveniently held in Aruga by Rockwell they had well fitting vendors, workshops and classes all day. My schedule only allowed a short time in the afternoon but I was able to be a part of the magic story tellers Make Believe and kids yoga by Bernice Mathay.

Flow In The City Nov 14

The ambiance was set boho style by Indie and her impeccable style. She Dreams in Ink game is always strong. DSC02997DSC02992DSC02996DSC03018DSC03016DSC03013

The creatives behind Make Believe are magic makers! My oldest son is constantly asking for stories in the car so this workshop was my top choice. Bea and Tricia brought the story to life with their acting, voices, props and child involvement. I can’t think of a better activity for a birthday party or an event to keep the kids happy. I am a huge fan.

Flow Retreats next date is for November 28-30 in Baler. I will sadly be out of town. 2015 Will surely have a Flow Retreat on my calendar. Hope to see you there.

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