Where’s Your Yaya? Adventures in Baby Wearing

Recently, a native Filipina friend asked why I carried my baby on my side hip instead of in front with both arms. I jokingly replied, “In America we don’t have yayas so our right hand is our yaya.” I love that she noticed a slight cultural difference in mothering. It’s heartwarming to see how mothers mother all over the world. Baby wearing and carrying is so universal and I have fully embraced it.

Being an expat family living in South East Asia means our travels back to The U.S. are long. Our travel home this summer from our front door to my mothers was 38+ hours. Sickening, I know. I do not travel with out a baby carrier, period. It is a life saver. With three small boys I have to access both hands to wrangle them. I made a switch to the Boba 4g this year and there is no turning back. Here’s some adventures we have been on with the boba recently.

DSC02116Baby hack: if you’re traveling and have no high chair, no problem. Use the hip strip to keep baby safe. DSC01976Being silly in a boba. DSC02170Hiking in Baguio with my middle son. DSC02109Climbing Bantay Bell Tower in Vigan. DSC02631DSC02402Baby in a jeep exploring the sand dunes of Paoay. DSC02403Real men baby wear. 🙂 Jake was quite enthusiastic about the Boba as opposed to our previous carrier. It’s more spacious and fitting for such a big man. Ha, but seriously. He also loved how easily the straps adjusted. Jake is one of the most emotionally steady people I know so when he gets excited about something it’s a big deal. DSC02131DSC02129Modes of transportation: Bikes, legs, boba. Cruising the neighborhood.IMG_0094How we got through traffic during APEC. Luckily I keep the Boba in the car. We strapped him in and walked home. IMG_0093


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  1. I love this post, I don’t know why! I love all the stories compiled around one little carrier!


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