U.P. Town Center

Living in South East Asia malls are a life staple. You need toilet paper, go to the mall. You need groceries, at the mall. Your dentist, also at the mall. I try to break the mold and get in as much green as I can but I also get excited about new malls as silly as it sounds.

U.P. Town Center is refreshing. It has a large courtyard in the middle, new departments stores and specialty restaurants, plus it had the first lending library in The Philippines. So cool! The whole Katipunan area has the best vibe. Here are a few of the places that caught my eye.

Wellworth Department Store had the whole college feel going on. The selection was just right and did not overwhelm me as so many do. DSC01463The kids section was adorable. It may have the same items as other department stores but it is presented in such a visually appealing way that you actually want to shop there. DSC01462The brick and mortar Cath Kidston store did not disappoint. It continued to shatter my dreams of ever owning a real Kidston. I just can’t justify the 6000php price tag. Nonetheless, it was pretty to look at. DSC01466Wonderbake was heaven! Pure heaven. Again, the selection was similar, maybe had a few specialty items. However, it was organized in such a way that you felt like you could see everything and enjoy them! DSC01469A cupcake liner tier? Yes please. DSC01470DSC01467Merkado’s salad section is really what blew me away. DSC01460I mean…greens for days! DSC01486Yes, yes please. DSC01485Something for everyone at U.P. Town Center. There is currently a minion now. DSC01482DSC03088And the holy of holies. I kid. But seriously, Flying Dutchman Home I’m pretty sure you incepted all my home dreams. *I have a weakness for baskets. Bonus: they have an online store! DSC01481Pretty sure I need this whole display in my house. DSC01479With my house full of men this is a necessity. DSC01476I die! Your ceramics slay me. DSC01474Just showing off and sitting pretty. DSC01471Oh hey, you’re home for the holidays. 🙂 He’s currently in the boys room and matches their beds perfectly. DSC02865This sweet reindeer is fitting in nicely with our Nordic Christmas.DSC02884It seems silly but when food is beautiful you enjoy it more. I am blessed and grateful to have this luxury. IMG_6483Until next time U.P. Town Center. Muah!

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 1.11.43 PM

Katipunan Ave, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Opens at 10 am but Merkado opens at 9 am.

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  1. Zee says:

    Oh my! I’ve only been to UP Town once. Haven’t ventured north much lately even though I grew up there and UP/Katipunan used to be my stomping grounds. Ooooooh those plates! I’m actually meeting friends there next week. I am afraid for my (husband’s) wallet. Teeheee!


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