Jardin De Miramar: Casa Santa, Antipolo

There are so many gems in Metro Manila. How will I ever even scrape the surface?

Casa Santa is an advent must! Its a cottage type home that perfectly emulates what The Clause’s house might be like in the North Pole. It is nested on a small hill top at the Jardin de Miramar venue in Antipolo. When you enter it is just magical! Lights rhythmically dancing with Christmas music surrounding thousands of unique Santa displays.

We stayed in the house for over an hour and could have stayed much longer. As a family this was a fantastic activity because the kids could all through the house. Up the stairs, in the North Pole room, the small fort in the soft kiddie room. It was much more hands on than I expected.

The drive to Antipolo was the fastest it has been and only took 40 minutes from Pasig. After we spent our time in Casa Santa we found a lovely outside play area just a few meters from the house and still on Jardin de Miramar compound. The are is titled Galera and I highly recommend playing there after. (Another post to follow!) There are a number of restaurants in the area so I suggest eating lunch at one nearby. And of course, when in Antipolo you must stop and buy some suman.

DSC03981DSC03990Telling Santa what he would like for Christmas. DSC03986The entry and first view you have of Casa Santa. DSC04000DSC04075The North Pole room had the temperature extremely low so it set the mood and added to the experience. The boys LOVED this room and spent most of the time in here. The musical and moving displays were a highlight. DSC04035DSC03995The kids room with a bed and lego sets, small Santa clothes and so much more. DSC04025DSC04005The boys other favorite room was this soft play area full of soft animals and Santa’s. DSC04009Displays were from all over the world. This reticular choir set was from Nigeria. DSC04045Up stairs has a country feel with the wood carvings. It was my personal favorite room. DSC04051DSC04055It reminded me of my childhood at grandma and grandpas. DSC04059Meet the Clause’s. 🙂 Notice the spectacular painting on the ceiling behind them. DSC04049

 DSC04057The dining area was immaculate from top to bottom with decor. DSC04079I wish I could play the piano. I would have sat down and played a few Christmas songs. DSC04084I tried ever so hard to get them to sell me one of these dolls but alas, no, nothing is for sale inside Casa Santa. Enjoy but don’t get your hopes up that you can buy anything. 🙂 DSC04070

Things to know:

  • Make a reservation by calling or messaging Casa Santa. (02) 576 4358
  • You must have a party of at minimum 5 or willing to pay for a minimum of 5.
  • Cost is 180 php (or near that price).
  • 276 San Jose Ext., San Isidro Antipolo City
    Telephone No.: 584-3199
    Fax No.: 697-4077
    Cellphone No.: 09178912208
    Add us On Viber : 09178912208
    Email: info@jardindemiramar.com

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 9.32.33 AM

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