Paseo Rizal 

Sometimes, a lot of the time, I get lost navigating and exploring. It can pay off and other times it’s just a waste of time and a lesson learned. We lost our way driving to Daraitan River and Tinipak Springs  but noticed a beautiful building a long the way. Funny enough, we went back to eat there eight hours later.

True to the lush surroundings in Laguna, Paseo Rizal does not did sapping. The structure itself is very appealing but the landscape and surroundings are where it’s at!  Multiple outdoor eating spaces filled with vegetation. Plus, inside seating has large windows for the breeze to flow freely.

The food itself was good and very filling after a full day of exploring.  Nothing bonkers delicious (that phrase is saved for only the most glamorous of meals- ha!) but still enjoyable. The service was also very good. I recommend building this into your itinerary, it’s worth it if your close.  I recommend the adobo kangkong and turon. img_8602img_8583Live music when we arrived. img_8590All kinds of way to sit back and enjoy yourself. Rocking chairs or mancala. img_8584Really great bathrooms, even with no water. It is always an adventure here. img_8585I love going out to eat with Alma because she always introduces me to new Filipino food. Even just a year ago I ate hardly any Filipino food. I am a bit more adventurous but my experiences lately have also been really positive. Alma recommended the kangkong and it is a new favorite. Sarap! img_8594Our gracious host, waiter and server was so sharp. IMG_8595Fried rice and crispy pata. IMG_8598Garlic and butter shrimps. img_8600Suman, of course. IMG_8597Turon, oh my! img_8599Things to know:

  • To be honest, I am not sure of their hours and the exact address. It is located along Marcos Highway in Tanay.
  • Contact: (02) 986 4679
  • The most expensive items was 500php for the large pata. Prices were really fair.
  • We came at an odd time right before dinner but they politely told us it would take thirty minutes for our order. It ended up taking less time. Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 10.43.51 PM

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  1. Bae Milanes says:

    Hi Amber! I’m liking your blog’s new theme! The layout is new to the eyes. What I like most is the default header photo on the left side. Kudos!


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