Workshops: Life After Breakfast, Pattern Making

I imagine my life in Manila comparable to a timeline. I can map out and show how my love increases with each adventure workshop and friendship. The sweet spot on my Manila timeline intersects yet again with crafts.

Alessa of Life After Breakfast, is obviously a gifted and colorful artist but also a serious professional. I was mesmerized by the content (I love color and patterns) but was blown away by the instruction and presentation.

Alessa has her workshops down to a science. Everyone’s table was set with appropriate materials. The envelope that holds your papers had the instructions right on it. And, of course, they were beautifully presented and had me swooning. She demonstrated each step hands on and then allowed you to create your own. After creating your own doodle or pattern it was then scanned and printed on a sticky canvas to take home with you. Seriously. When it came time to display how to design a pattern she had a camera set up so you could see her tabletop on the center tv. No crowding. No walking from table to table. All could sit and comfortably see. Really, I know this sounds silly but it was very professional for a crafting workshop.

The best part, Alessa wanted to give back to her community of followers and fans so this workshop was free. I repeat, FREE. She is hosting another one tomorrow at The Grove by Rockwell and you do not want to miss it. I already have plans to get some girlfriends together and have a private class at one of my favorite places, HillsideDSC04438DSC04441DSC04447DSC04445DSC04439

    It’s always nice to see a familiar face. Super mom Nica and sweet Summer. IMG_0105

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  1. sounds fun! hope they’ll have it here in the south also. 😦


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