DIY Day Trip in Marikina

Who knew you could make a day trip out of Marikina? It really has so much to offer and I love exploring up there. It’s accessible, good food and diverse in offering.

Here is your itinerary for how to DIY Marikina:

  • Start by eating breakfast at Rustic Mornings (I did just recently get charged for a glass my son broke which annoyed me but I cannot lie that they have the best breakfast).
  • Search for leather at Otto or go to his nephew’s shop and have Pando custom make you a belt, bag, wallet or shoes.
  • Hit the wet market for fruits and vegetables (drop bags at car).
  • Explore the dry market! The dry market is the biggest treasure trove yet! Below you will find a map of my favorite vendors and their locations. Bring items you want sewn/made. You can buy the fabric there and then walk just a few stalls over to your seamstress!
  • There is even a party store just left of the dry market. They have all things party. No need to trek out to Divasoria.
  • After you have worked up an appetite finish by eating at Krung Thai located just under the dry market.Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 7.36.43 AMDownload MARIKINA DRY GOODS MARKET map


I have tried numerous seamstresses. You can use the suggested vendors in the map or try your own.
Such a cool up-cycled newspaper gown on display.
This is the owner of Grandiose and her stall has a more professional feel. She is always busy so expect a wait. You can tell why she is always busy, look at her work.
Lolo is currently sewing me seven new roman shades for a great price, 150-200php. I stopped by to check on the progress and it was his 73 birthday! Happy Birthday Lolo.
In the back of the market you will find a few native stalls and they have everything. This is a very small portion of what they actually I have. I of course love their baskets. Make sure to ask for Maricel and she will give you the “Amber price”. 🙂


On the right of the dry market is the open market with fruits in front and meat just behind. It is so vast. *Notice the beautiful wood chopping block the butcher is using. There is beauty all around.


We happened upon this informercial salesman one visit. He was so innovative and exciting. Such a great salesman.
Wet markets are so beautiful with their vibrant and diverse colors.


Things to know:

  • The Dry Market entrance I have photographed is located at the ground at W. Paz corner M. Cruz Sta. Elena, Marikina City, Philippines
  • As you hop around Marikina you might acquire bags. Bring a backpack or if you have a car leave them there.
  • A word on managing expectations, you may not find everything your first trip, if available come back for more. The seamstresses don’t often use irons and sometimes come with a 50php fee for the iron. Use multiple vendors until you find one you like. If someone is making something for you get their contact info so you can check on progress etc.
  • You can buy fabric at the dry market and then find a seamstress the next row over. It is all so convenient. Lalim has so many different types of fabric. If you do not see one just ask her. She helped us find canvas, chambray, lining etc.
  • It is clean and organized but large. I recommend downloading and taking the MARIKINA DRY GOODS MARKET map with you. Go a few times to become familiar.
  • You can do all your shopping in one trip; fabric, clothing, home and groceries!
  • There is a parking lot directly across from Krung Thai.

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 7.52.50 AM

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  1. Nina says:

    Hi! The party store you wrote about is not in the map. Can I get the exact location please? Thanks!


  2. Nikka says:

    Hi. I can’t find the party store on your map, can I get the exact location? Thanks!


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