Krung Thai, Marikina 

Oh Marikina, you are so good to me. You keep showering me with surprises, I only hope I can do you justice.

Krung Thai is my new crush in your hood. I had been eyeing her for weeks. I’m so glad I had enough courage to finally approach her. In return she gave me an authentic Thai experience with food and my weak spot, textiles! Yes, as if the owner being from Thailand wasn’t authentic enough, Krung Thai even had a corner of textiles! It was a mini Chatuchak. The cherry on top – Krung Thai offers cooking classes! Ya heard me correctly. Thank you Marikina, for these constant treasures.

Krung Thai is located on the bottom floor of the dry market.


The prices were all so affordable. I am kicking myself for not buying an apron!
Do not let the tiny space fool you. There is plenty of stock for tops, table runners, skirts, aprons, purses and small decor.
Green mango salad
Tom yum was so yum.
And huge!

Things to know:

  • Krung Thai is located at the ground Floor Marikina Public Market, W. Paz corner M. Cruz Sta. Elena, Marikina City, Philippines
  • Phone: +63 2 646 4041
  • Child friendly and has large tables for large groups.
  • They also offer cooking classes which I think would be fantastic.
  • Servings are large and price is very affordable.
  • The owners are very friendly. Feel free to ask about the history of Krung Thai.
  • I recommend eating here for lunch after shopping for leather or picking up a custom item at the dry market. A fun filled day in Marikina.Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 7.52.50 AM


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  1. Kristina Summers says:

    AJ! You should definitely take a Thai cooking class. I took one at Thanksgiving Point a few months ago and have loved all the recipes. The lady who did my class uses clean, real food and keeps her recipes simple and easy. From what she was explaining, it sounds like the typical Thai diet is healthy and clean and minimally processed. I bet you would love it though!


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