Fluffy Pwets: Local, Collaborative, Sustainable

My paradigm is continually shifted the longer I live here. My mind doesn’t think how Filipinos think here. They are so entrepreneurial, especially the women. They have a vision and a goal and go after it. They make things happen and I am so motivated and uplifted by it. That’s all how Fluffy Pwets started.

Fluffy Pwets was started by super mom Tina Guzman and her husband Reynold. Tina is a cloth diapering, breast feeding mom who saw a need, created a vision and implemented a local, collobartive and sustainable children’s cloth line. Tina wanted fabrics that were sourced locally. Acutely aware of the pollution problems in Manila she took into consideration the carbon foot print of diapers and the cloth she was using.

Tina’s fabric is organic and eco friendly but the real kicker is, she gets even more local with her collaborators. Fluffy Pwets just launched five new lines featuring local designers from mothers to male actors. They did it! Amazingly, I was able to go to the launch and here all these personal stories. When a brand becomes personal it becomes more meaningful. I feel passionate about Fluffy Pwets’ mission and am falling even harder for this awesome culture.


Dimples chose a darker color for her design because she has a young son who would be playing and getting dirty in them. So practical and I am glad she is focused on letting her son get dirty during play!

Martine is so true to her style and lifestyle. Her two designs were inspired by her son Vito and baby daughter Krista Valentina. So whimsical and light just like her blissful persona.

The whole collection of diapers. I am so thankful someone corrected me that it was General Luna on the design and not Bonifacio. My bad! I obviously need a lot of educating. Grateful for those who are patient and kind teachers.
Each designer had the opportunity to express their vision for their line. Before attending the launch I didn’t expect to be moved or inspired but I took away a vigor for action and dream chasing. Ginger shared that she chose a theme of doctors and teachers in her line because she wanted to create a dialogue between parents and children in an effort to teach them that they can achieve their dreams and be anything. So inspiring! There are so many different vehicles to bring up our children in confidence and this is one. Martine shared a profound community value of collaborating instead of competing, “Collaboration is the heart and soul of community, connection and bloggers.” Martine is big in the blogging community so her focus lies there. Amanda Jacobs is not just a beautiful face, she is the whole package. She was so informed and passionate about cloth diapering and the effects of the environment it really blew me away.

No event is as whimsical as a She Dreams In Ink event. DSC04478DSC04480DSC04524Well done to the Game Changer team as well.

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