School Of Styling: Tablescape and Tablesetting

I have fond memories of my paternal grandmother changing her decor and linens with each season. We weren’t the closest but this tradition kept with me. With each season and holiday I change my tablescape for a number of reasons. Being in a beautiful environment invites happiness and I want my kids to feel the magic of traditions.

In February I was able to attend School Of Styling’s Tablescape Workshop. I was taught by the best with a supportive community, couldn’t ask for more.

Dream team Game ChangerShe Dreams In Ink and Lightkeeper Studios got together and started a movement. Instead of taking over a market they are creating one by leading and teaching. School Of Styling has put together these workshops to empower this market. The focus is to teach those who are interested event design/coordinating and to give them the skill set and resources to then start their own endeavors. This is so empowering!

DSC04572Indy, of She Dreams In Ink, is such a professional and natural teacher. Her passion is truly beautifying environments. One of the main elements I took away from this lecture was telling a story with your table. What conversations and memories are you inviting in? DSC04560Light Keep Studio gave us a great mini tutorial on capturing these moments. Light Keeper’s mini lecture inspired me to familiarize myself with my camera. So, looks like I will be taking our relationship to the next level. 🙂 DSC04554The beautiful props and decor buffet. DSC04537DSC04538DSC04478After our mini lectures we broke into groups and got to work. Putting the teaching into practice with styling a table! Thanks to all the sponsors for such great pieces to work with. DSC04578Our table told the story of Alice In Wonderland and her tea party. The book and tea kettle capture our main elements. DSC04575The other groups put together sophisticated and whimsical tables. It’s amazing what you can do with direct instruction, lovely props and like minded individuals.

A word on sponsorship. Sponsorship used to make me uncomfortable. Hear me out. Marketing is powerful and empowering when it is personal. Sponsorship allows real people to use real products made by real people. Community building events like this one aren’t possible without lovely sponsors who share the goodness. Thanks guys! Product Sponsors

IMG_9403Here I am fan-girling with Cy of The Bald Baker.

Classes are constantly happening through School of Styling. If you’re interested, sign up for one.

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