Floral Arranging with Michi Calica and Make It Blissful

I wear many hats currently; Butt wiper, snot wiper, food preparer, exerciser, lover, blogger, Insta-grammer and so on. In my future I hope to wear other hats such as reading specialist, hair cutter (not professionally just good enough) and floral arranger. I attend a fair amount of workshops. Some I am invited to and others I go to for purely personal reasons. I have wanted to learn the art of floral arranging for a long time so I treated myself to Make It Blissful’s collab with Michi Calica.DSC04628Make It Blissful’s, Martine De Luna, is always producing great content. This holds true in her partnership with Michi Calica, a floral goddess. Michi is obviously very passionate about florals. She shared a few thoughts on how great of an impact for happiness florals can be. Each participant was guided to think about what flowers mean to them. For me, flowers bring the outside in. I love nature and being in it, might as well bring some inside. I love color and flowers lend that with ease to a space. As we progressed through the conversation Michi her thoughts on a research study, conducted in 2005 by Rutgers University. The study found an increase of happiness in people who received flowers. Flower power is real and now I understand why. I will shamelessly buy myself flowers on the regular.DSC04623Michi was passionate and knowledgable about the subject which set a fantastic tone for the workshop. She demoed and explained height, layering, vases and using different mediums. All the materials were easily organized and provided for us. It was so fun to hear all the info about how flowers make you feel, how to display them and then get to work on our own. This was just a taste of what I hope becomes a regular expression for myself and my home. DSC04633In my opinion, no venue is better than Hillside Cafe and Juice Bar. I previously professed my love for that place and its neighbor Cedar Hills. DSC04625IMG_9577Each person’s arrangement was so different, even though we used the same materials. DSC04638DSC04636DSC04635DSC04641IMG_9580

Make It Blissful will be having The Art of Homemaking Workshops all year round. Please follow the link for more information.


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