Artis Artisan Bazaar, A Love Story

DSC04696I’ve never been a believer in love at first site BUT I totally believe in love at first visit. Seriously, Antipolo, you are so tempting with your lush green, accessibility and dreamy homes. You’re close enough to Manila but far enough away to feel away from the crowds. It is a place of both city and provincial life.

I mean, even the bathroom is dreamy. 
Granted, I think the worlds collided between Artis Artisan Bazaar and The Beehouse which made the perfect cocktail. Antipolo brought it’s A game and so did all the artists. Artis Artisan Bazaar is best described as a community of creatives who got together, sold works, ate burgers and taught mini workshops. It was the chillest event I have ever been to. Marie Gucci knows how to set a tone. She just smiles and peacefully moves from one event to another.DSC04687

Ugh, outdoor brick oven, are you kidding me.
Artis Artisan Bazaar was inclusive of all ages and so family friendly. Everything points to what Marie and Vitty value most. 

Gathering. I got to meet some of the dearest and had multiple inspiring conversations. Really good stuff happened here and I am so grateful. 
The Beehouse wins for dreamiest kitchen. 
I am still in awe that I got to be a demonstrator with such a talented lineup. Some of them included Arlene Sy, Manysa Abemis, Marie Gutierrez and Dianne Pascual. Being the month of love, I did a basic demo of sewing paper garlands. I brought both of my machines and well over a hundred paper hearts. Teaching workshops is fun! I always thought it was a bit overwhelming but this demo was so fun and easy! All of the ten participants threaded one of my two machines and then sewed a garland. It is amazing what can be done with a little direction and confidence. I am thinking I might try a real workshop soon. IMG_9610IMG_9614IMG_9616

Guys, cutest girls ever. They are both currently doing their residencies and came to take my workshop! 
I have no shame, fan-girling with Mansya. I honestly believe she helped revolutionize crafting in Manila which has in turn made my life better. She is a serious power house. 
Yoga is still one of the hardest exercise for me. Dianne makes everyone feel like they can do it, even me! That is a serious feat. 
Booths surrounded the house so friends could stroll and look as they entered The Beehouse. 

Picked myself up a few of the colored vases. For 100-300php that cannot be beat. 

And lastly, the five year old of the house has a garden. Sigh. I need this life. 
The Antipolo Beehouse is now open for events as a venue. Perfect, right? So, when can I move in?

And that my friends, is how I fell in love with Antipolo. Now, who would like to have us being a in a reality tv show of a foreigner family living the province life? Sign me up.

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