Familya BBQ, Tanay

I finally got to attend an outdoor Filipino familya barbecue. Man, it did not disappoint! Have I mentioned how much I love Filipinos? πŸ™‚ If you don’t follow me on Instagram then you may not be aware of my undying love for the Filipino culture and the beautiful people. Some of those people have become dear friends.

I met Karla and Mia at my first workshop, Crafty Party Ph. Karla and I were seat mates and instantly became friends – kindred spirits I suppose. She has embraced me and showed me so many treasures Manila has to offer and taught me patiently about her culture. Wow! I am just so fortunate.

Karla invited us to her parents’ house in Tanay for a barbecue. We had the whole experience. We ate in an outdoor kitchen and even had kinilaw; I about died! Kinilaw is essentially Filipino ceviche or poke. Its strong vinegar taste is perfectly paired with cucumber and red onion. The magic continued as there was a garden where we picked our own kalabasa and peyote. It was heaven. Plus, the boys got to run free and shoot BB guns. It was all a dream.

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