Zip Line at Pilar Mt. Samat, Bataan,

Whenever I am behind the wheel I get the urge to stop at everything! Oh look, a basket! A person selling food and I have no idea what it is, lets pull over! Well, the urge paid off. On our way to Las Casas I saw a massive cross and signs for Mt. Samat. Not doing much research prior I had no idea it was the historical site for the Bataan Death March. I was just so intrigued by the massive cross we took a detour and drove up Mt. Samat and I am so glad we did.

As we drove up the main road for Mt. Samat we saw a sign for the longest zip line in Central Luzon. I really had no idea how great it would be. The boys’ initial excitement after seeing the sign was enough to pull over. The excitement after the ride was very rewarding. The process was relatively easy but with a large fun payoff.

You can’t miss the sign. Once you enter the road there is a shed with parking and  someone waiting for you. Once you sign your life away and pay, you ride a truck to the base of the zip line.

This is the beautiful valley you travel across. You zip across at 540 meters and for nearly sixty full seconds.

Oz gearing up to go. He had no fear.

This was his face the whole ride even until he arrived at the other side.

Baby stayed with sweet Chanda Poppins.

Sadly, Jake was in The U.S. so we missed him big time. Jake has a thing with heights so I am not sure he would have even let us go across. Perhaps it’s a good thing he was gone. πŸ™‚

Aaker and I enjoyed our tandem ride. He was a little unsettled at first and then quickly turn into giggles.

We made it!

The fun tree house you arrive at.

A whole tree hopping experience is an option at Pilar Bataan.

This awaits you on the other side! Funny enough, no one once mentioned the waterfall. You walk right past it upon getting picked up to be taken back to your car. I wish we had known.
IMG_0392After you arrive at the tree house you wait about 10 minutes for a private jeepney to pick you up and return you to your car. It was such a beautiful drive. I had no idea the distance we covered by zip lining through the valley.


Things To Know:

  • About ten minutes after you turn on the road to go up Mt. Samat there is a sign for Mt. Samat Zipline.
  • We had to wait for a group of 15 individuals before us and it took about 30-40 minutes.
  • You can ride individually or tandem.
  • If you want a picnic Dunsulan Park or tree hopping, perhaps you could park your car at the waterfall and then take the private jeepney back to the summit and ride back down.
  • I definitely recommend this as a stop on the way home from Las Casas. 

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 8.28.19 PM

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