Art In Island, Interactive Art Museum at Cubao Expo

Oh Manila, you get a bad rap but you know what? I love you! I love finding pockets of green in this big concrete jungle. I love open space for my kids to run in too. I had no idea Art In Island would be so big. My five year old could run wild like he does in a big open field. While Art In Island is not a big pocket of green I still highly recommend it. It is so interactive and fun! A great family activity for sure.

*For expats reading my blog, don’t be afraid to travel up north. Quezon City is awesome! While EDSA can be a beast, if you time it right you can make it up on a Saturday or Sunday morning in 20 minutes. I live in Pasig and can make it to Cubao Ex in 15 minutes on a weekday. Some of my other favorites in QC are found here here and here.

The entry process is very organized and clear. Hallelujah! They totally get it. Buy your ticket. Enter the facilities. Hand your shoes over. Enjoy. Even from the outside I really had no idea how spacious it would be inside. It just kept going and going.
No shoes are allowed in the facility but socks are available for purchase or you can plan ahead and bring your own. Which I obviously did not do.    
So big you can even roll around on the floor if you want. (: The next best thing to an aquarium is obviously a life size painting of one you can be a part of. At each exhibit there are sample photos and foot indicators for the photographer to get just the right angle. Make sure to look down when taking a photo!I could not believe how into it my five year old was. After showing him a few photos he could see the result of an illusion. This piqued his interest and then he started overflowing with expressions and wanting to see each photo after. Make sure you charge your phone and camera.   So many hallways and so many photo opportunities. We did not even do half of them. The children really did become engaged and loved being part of the exhibit. It is always best to share the fun with friends. Thanks Mia and NicaToo good not to share. Like I said, as soon as he realized what the outcome of the photo illusion would be he became quite the ham. It was so massive.                   There was a cute restaurant in the middle of the exhibit with a graffiti wall. The food and prices looked great but we had already eaten, so I don’t know if the food is any good. Nica and cute Jo. At the exit of the exhibit is another modern and vibrant seating and eating area. There is some fun facts and keepsakes about the making of Art In Island.    Things To Know:Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 6.11.32 PM

  • Visit Art In Island first, then lunch at Bellini’s topped off by shopping at Cubao Expo antique shops.
  • Make sure all cameras and phones are charged.
  • No shoes allowed. You check shoes in upon entrance and receive at the exit door.
  • There are indicators on the ground showing the perfect placement for the photographer to get the illusion effect.
  • You will have to wait to take photographs. Although there are many many photo opportunities.
  • Multiple bathrooms and restaurants are available.
  •  Located at:
    175 15th Avenue, Brgy. Socorro

    Quezon City

    (02) 421 1356
    Price Range: $$$


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Awesome pictures! Looks like the kids had a blast!! 🙂 my friend gave us a GC for this but we haven’t had the chance to try it out. Glad to know it’s worth the trip. Now I’m excited to go! 🙂


  2. vinneve says:

    Will definitely go there someday! Had a small chance posing at their small booth in Megamall last year.


  3. I’m just living near Cubao expo, like literally walking distance from there but I don’t have any idea of how massive it is inside! We’ll try this next time 🙂


    1. amber says:

      Hahaha awesome!!! Enjoy.


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