Bellini’s At Cubao Expo

One word: LEGIT. Everything about Bellini‘s is legit. The owner was straight up from Italy. Silver neck chains and all. He’s a full on Guido even in his later years. He was so kind and friendly and his accent was thick. In my opinion, the thicker the accent the better the food. The surroundings were Italian family style dining with gaudy decorations and all. The food, Oh. My. Goodness. The focaccia was nuts delicious and the gnocchi sealed the deal. You guys, Bellini’s is legit.

Located in the center of hipster-ville at Cubao Ex, Bellini’s is unsuspectingly hidden in the back sharing a wall with Art In Island. I highly recommend hitting up Art In Island and then Bellini’s for lunch. I loved Bellini’s family style dining because I didn’t have to worry about my kids being loud, the decorations are loud enough to drown out any noise. Just kidding. I loved it. You could do a whole day at Cubao Expo. Art In Island, Bellini’s then cap it off with all the quaint shops. (Post coming later today for Art In Island and Cubao Ex.)


I thought the breadsticks would be stale because they are so thin, I was deceived, they were addicting.
Wall to wall, floor to ceiling it is decorated or painted. Even the back of chairs are labeled with socialites or politicians who have sat in them.
I seriously love the setting.


The focaccia was perfect with a light crunchy toast on the outside and chewy and moist inside.
Absolutely start with the minestrone. The vegetables were all local and fresh. It felt light and healthy.
I had the spinach gnocchi and am afraid I will become a creature of habit and just order it every time with out exploring the menu.
A salad bar is always available. I didn’t try it yet but I certainly will net time.

Things To Know:

  • Bellini’s make their pasta and breads in house. I order the farfalle last time and it was simply divine. You can order the focaccia in large amounts for take away. I am going to ask if I can also buy the fresh pasta to cook at home.
  • The salads have been good but heavy on the dressing. If you do not like a lot of dressing order it on the side.
  • Bellini’s is popular for it’s orange cake but I have not had any yet. Please tell me if you do.
  • The prices were very affordable ranging from 150-400php. Large pizzas are around 500php.
  • I suggest going to Art In Island and working up an appetite. Lunch at Bellini’s followed by treasure hunting at Cubao Ex.
  • Located at Shoe Avenue Ext.

    Quezon City

     (02) 913 2550

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