Playful Crafts At Cubao Expo

I am a teacher by trade and a sewer and crafter just for the love of it. I started sewing as a young girl then took a few classes in high school and college. Recently, I have been stoked fusing the two trades together. (You can read about some small demo’s I have recently done here and here.) Last week was super special because I was in the kid zone teaching and my oldest got to came along for the fun.

My first ever craft workshop in Manila was with the girls of Craft Party PH last July. It was super cool to be a teacher during their Playful Crafts at Kendo in Cubao Expo. My workshop was based on a favorite book in our house, Secret Pizza Party. We made pizza name tags, created secret handshakes, traced and cut felt masks. I let the kids each “drive” (foot on the pedal) the sewing machine while fastening the elastic to their felt masks. Of course we all craved pizza after and headed to Bellini’sDSC05635Cute mommy A and her sweet little A enjoyed the singing and dancing. DSC05641IMG_1804I had the kids each practice tracing and cutting a pattern, just like you would any sewing project. *Who am I kidding, I hardly use a pattern but I do know how and that’s important! DSC05644DSC05645DSC05647Ah man, it was so fun to be back in my element of teaching. I forgot how much I actually like cutting and tracing and preparing materials. DSC05649The whole crew decked out for the secret pizza party. DSC05653DSC05658Kendo Creative is located in Cubao Expo. I had never been until I stopped by for a small craft get together. Cubao X is so cool! Randomly, Jake ventured up there three years earlier to search for records but I had never been. If you are into antiques, records or anything hipster (or not) you will love it. Just a heads up, many of the shops don’t open until noon or later.

DSC05414I want those massive nesting dolls! For 7000php they can be yours. I just don’t know where I would even put them. Maybe in my front window like this display. DSC05415DSC05417DSC05419I know rubber stamp carving is all the rage these days but if you aren’t into yourself but want some personalized these little kiosks are the way to go. DSC05420DSC05421Geo Shop has great health food ingredients and I really loved their specialty items. I have read about salt from Pangasinan and how cool to find it just up the road. DSC05423TVP is way cheaper here than at Healthy Options. DSC05424DSC05425DSC05426Jake treasure hunting. See, we are all hooked. Unfortunately, the records don’t come cheap. Be prepared to pay a pretty penny and really search. DSC05427

Read about a great way to spend a day at Cubao Expo here and here.

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