Play With Your Food: Bento By Kat Creatively Journeys Through Motherhood

Last month I did something I have never done before, a bento workshop with Bento By Kat and Heinz Philippines. Two thoughts keep racing through my mind. First, Manila has everything! I can’t imagine our little suburb town outside of Seattle has bento classes readily available for me to take like I can here in Manila. Second thought, what a fun way to embrace and journey through motherhood. I did a series two months ago, Investing In Motherhood, and it was about making the journey fun and banking on yourself as a mother. Kat has nailed it. She is a make up artist turned mom turned bento maker turned business woman. Filipinas know how to chase a dream and get. it. done. I am constantly inspired.

I like to call myself a creator. I am not an artist but it doesn’t stop me from creating. However, I am not going to lie, I have to try really hard to get a recipe correct and make it look pretty. One of the elements I took away from our bento workshop was to have fun! Be playful and enjoy the creative process. In the end, you’ll have fun creating and your kids will certainly have fun admiring and eating your ‘artwork’.

I loved the bright colors surrounding the whole event. The deep red ketchup, orange placemat and the vibrant fruits and veggies. 

The arsenal prepped and ready. We have here is a skinny omelette, cheese, nuggets, broccoli, grapes and carrots. Plus tiny scissors, fine tweezers and a small sharp knife. 

Thanks to Heinz Philippines, our food deserves better so they set each attendee up with a generous takeaway package and provided the ketchup for all the details for our bento. 

My previous blogger life never included events so attending these is always thrilling and certainly eventful. Filipinos are great hosts and performers. Champagne was the host for Bento By Kat X Heinz workshop and was so friendly and fun!

As I mentioned earlier this whole blogger life is new to me but I really love the community I have found. It’s always so nice to see a familiar face. Thanks for being so kind Christine

The workshop itself was super impressive. Kat’s talent really is remarkable. She is obviously super dedicated and talented but a great business woman who has turned this into a very fruitful venture. There was a tv with slides and instructions to follow along. 

Lovely Kat and her wonderful assistant. *I lovved the back drops at this event. The design was killing it and allowed pictures to really pop even without a high end camera. 

The details were incredible!
Step 1: Using ketchup to color the rice skin color. Step 2. Shaping Kelly Ketchup (or Darth Vader). Step 3. Dressing her up with the egg omelette. Step 4. Hair and face. It’s harder than it looks but still fun! Step 5. The details. It’s also so interesting to see how different creations are even though we all used the same materials.

As I mentioned earlier, the social media community in Manila is unique and superb. I love these ladies, Patty and Paola

The woman of the hour and myself. We found our sons attended the same preschool and are now currently in the same kindergarten class. Ha! Small world Manila. 

It’s always a treat to have a takeaway and use these products at home. I actually used them this morning with my sons lunch. I’m going to give myself a slow applaud. 

I loved the details of the hand stamped wrapping and keeping up with Japanese tradition of furoshiki wrapping. 

Earlier in the week I had contributed an article to Sassy Manila for a barbecue and had mentioned how necessary glass condiments are, especially Heinz 57! Ha, then I walked into their even the next day. There are few things more classic than Heinz Ketchup. 
Go to something new! Even if it is out of your comfort zone, push yourself. Wether it is to pique an interest or make new friends, this is a great place to start. You can find more about Kat’s workshops here and be inspired from her Pinterest board. Thank’s always to lovely hosts and sponsors such as Heinz PH who make these events happen. Always grateful for proactive organizers like Monica.

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  1. vinneve says:

    How I wish there is an event like that so I can join in here in UAE.. creative and good for family πŸ™‚


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