For All You DIY’ers

You’ll always find what you’re looking for… (except poppy seeds because those are illegal here, ha!) including most things DIY. Since 2009 I have seen an increase in the DIY and creative movement here in Manila. Right now is such a great time to be in Manila.

I’ve teamed up with Sassy Manila the last few months and have contributed some of my favorite DIY places and creations. Take a peek here but for more details and locations go to Sassy for full details.

You can find my pick for cheap plants and other hidden gems in this article.

It used to be a dream of mine to do a ‘Party In A Box’ with all the cute party stuff I found just in the grocery store. That ship has sailed but my eyes are still always wondering. At least I was able to share some knowledge for easy to find party supplies in everyday Manila locations. Read about my tips here. *Sometimes when you are attempting to play photographer and stylist your kids get in the mix.


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