Staycation Possibilities: The Travelling Trunk, The Henry, Heart of Manila

I say it all the time how Manila has everything and this is true but Manila has everything and more, like well curated local pop ups. So much of the magic about living here is knowing the shop or story behind a product. You could very well meet the artist who is making the candle, shirt or bed frame you are purchasing and that to me is quite incredible. You know what else is incredible, The Henry Hotel nestled in a private estate in Pasay. It is so unsuspecting from the outside but a rare gem on the inside and right in the heart of the city.

I have a list of places I would love to invest a lengthy visit in but I let traffic get in the way. Many of these places are located in Intramuros, Pasay and Old Manila. My dream staycation includes staying at The Henry, visiting every park in Intramuros, fresh lumpia in China Town/Binondo, San Augustin, dinner at Barbaras and visiting the Planetarium and other museums again. Plus, entry is free for all museums extended through June. Hurray! **If you book for The Travelling Trunk weekend The Henry is having a promo sale of 4500 inclusive of breakfast for two. We are traveling that weekend or I would be all over it.

Located on Harrison Street in Pasay you would never know this pretty little lady is nestled back there.
Outdoor movies were on rotation at the previous Travelling Trunk. The first hour they played black and white Charlie Chapling movies that captivated my children the whole time.
The Travelling Trunk was really set up for families. There is a screening area on the lawn, Apt 1 B catering for sale, table seating plus the pop up shop very near.


Inside the beautiful home gallery there was also Shophouse Coffee Co and pizza.

Plus, a great line up of vendors. I am partial to the products from So True All Natural. They smell divine and are soy based. I also picked up two Manila prints from one of the vendors but the name has slipped my mind.

This Travelling Trunk the focus is Filipino and local artisans. You can shop my dream list of clothing items from Filip+Inna. I die. I first saw them at MaArte Fair and have lusted over their beautiful weaves and well designed pieces. C&C Home will also be there and I have a thing for baskets so they are right up my alley.


Things To Know:

The Travelling Trunk
11-12 June 2016 • 10am-6pm
A-11 at 2680 FB Harrison, Pasay City

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