Casa Napoli, Basco Batanes

Good grief, the best pizza we have had in The Philippines happens to be in Basco. Only a flight away to the tip of The Philippines and you will find Casa Napoli, a pure pizzeria. We watched them hand roll our pizzas and bake them in their brick oven two nights in a row. That’s right, two nights! I have zero shame about it.

Casa Napoli is quite possibly as quaint as it is delicious. We had no idea how authentic the vibe and flavor would be. One of the best parts of dining at Casa Napoli was seeing the owner drive up in his imported rickshaw. Tess and her husband met in Basco years ago and have since left their jobs as pilots and a cargo ship engineer. Tess’ husband has created authentic Italian pizza right there in Basco. He credits his time working with an Italian chef on board the ship he used to work on to the exactness of the crust. He tweaked the marinara sauce to be slightly sweetened for The Filipino pallet. *Which was actually the absolute only thing we didn’t love as we aren’t partial to sweet red sauce. The crust bubbled perfectly in the brick oven leaving just a bit of char. We were stoked on it and went back two nights during our visit. You could even order for delivery! IMG_3320IMG_3321IMG_3322IMG_3316IMG_3315IMG_3312IMG_3317IMG_3318IMG_3323IMG_3324IMG_3328IMG_3408

Things To Know:

  • Find my other Batanes posts here and here.
  • Casa Napoli has two branches. One in Basco that is attached to the owners home and another in Mahatao. The branch in Mahatao has a larger menu.
  • Pizza ranges from 290-350php
  • Contact #0999-990-7553

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