Lo De Alberto, Authentic Mexican Food 

I can say confidently that Lo De Alberto is THE most authentic Mexican restaurant in Manila. After all, the chef is from Mexico City and you cannot get more authentic than that. I have mad respect for the group of people who made the good choice to go right to the source and bring this goodness to Manila. As I have mentioned before, the thicker the accent the more legit the food (the chef speaks excellent English though, so I say this tongue in cheek.) It’s not the freshly pressed corn tortillas made to order that get me but the simple unadulterated menu of Lo De Alberto, no fusion and no twists, just real authentic Mexican food. Being from California and growing up on taco trucks, taquerias and Southwest summers, I want real legit Mexican food and Lo De Alberto is where it’s at. How lucky am I that Lo De is located right in Ortigas? Manila has everythaaaang these days.

What used to be the parking attendant office is now the outdoor restaurant.
Cannot get enough tacos.
Rolling, pressing and grilling the fresh corn tortillas.
HORCHATA! It exists and it is the real deal.

The man of the hour, head chef from Mexico.

For added extra fun go to La Lola’s for dessert in Estancia or MegaMall.  Things to know:

  • Located at City Golf in Ortigas on Julia Vargas.
  • Open from 12 noon to 2 am. Closed Sundays.
  • Only outdoor seating is available so don’t plan on aircon.
  • Catering available. Our friends had the best Nacho Libre party and had it catered by Lo De Alberto. 

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