Rosa Mango Farms, Zambales

DSC06560Rosa Farms (Rosa’s Mango Farm) is what my dreams are made of. Guys, I cannot recommend this place enough. If you go to one place in Zambales this would be number one in my opinion. Plus, it is only a three hour drive north. Goodness, where do I start? The cabanas, the mangos, the swings, herb garden, mango orchard, turon? I guess I will share my love for all of them. Please keep reading and put this place on your list! DSC06575The farm and leisure grounds were large. As you can see, there is so much space to roam or relax.


Tractor and basketball, something for all to enjoy.

We like Rosa Farms so much we actually went twice in one day. I had seen the sign on the road for the farm on our drive to our airbnb and decided we would try it the next day so I brought the older kids first for lunch and checking the scene out. It was so good we all came back with both families for dinner and solid hang out time. We had family visiting in town and they were so enchanted as well.

We were there a few weeks before the next harvest so we weren’t able to pick our own mangos but that would have been a huge highlight! Rosa Farms has all day fiestas and I am putting it on my list to come back for one of those. Even though we had missed the harvest we were still able to have mango shakes and dried mangos.

It is an open kitchen so everything is on display. I loved seeing our food made right before our eyes. The owner is the man in the right on the photo above. He was so delightful and friendly. It is now wonder Rosa Farms is such a joyful place with such a kind family as the owners.

The menu was priced very fair. I would recommend the mango shakes, pancit, turon, mango sticky rice and lumpiang shanghai. Our family also enjoyed the mango pizza. They even have a green mango shake sweetened with magic fruit. Magic Fruit is this unique red berry that makes everything extra sweet for a few hours. I had never heard of it but a few weeks ago in Tagaytay we happened upon a plant at the Flower Farm. Really fascinating as I have never heard, seen or tasted anything quite spectacular.

Our kids spent a few hours roaming the orchard earlier in the day. You really can just walk around and explore. The trees go on for hectares!


I couldn’t resist having a family photo in an orchard. If I had known I may have actually tried to have nice clothes and look presentable. If you plan on going I would say do a family photo shoot!


Things To Know:

  • Rosa Farms is clearly indicated from the main road to San Antonio. IMG_3849
  • Rosa Farms is located right along the National Highway in the province of Zambales, right between the towns of San Marcelino and San Antonio, approximately 40 minutes away from SBMA. The farm is also accessible via public transport, with buses heading to IBA or Sta. Cruz, passing directly in front of the farm gate.The exact address is:
    Km. 156 National Highway
    San Marcelino – San Antonio Boundary, ZambalesScreen Shot 2016-06-21 at 5.22.53 PM
  • Walk-in guests can lounge around in the activity area and in our cabanas, and also try our mango-themed dishes from our outdoor cafe, Rosa Cafe. Guests can roam around the orchard, and see first-hand an operational mango farm. You may also purchase pasalubong from our Country Store.During harvest season, we offer a mango Pick-&-Pay Program, where guests can experience picking mature green mangoes directly from the trees (which will ripen in 4-5 days from picking). Mangoes are sold at Php 80/kilo. You may wait for our announcement on when the Pick-&-Pay program will be open to the public this 2016.
  • During regular days, entrance to the farm is free of charge for walk-in guests. During Farm Fiesta exclusive events, there is a participation fee of Php 1,500 (Php 700 for children) per head, which also requires a pre-registration through our Metro Manila office (contact: 0916-3152223 or 02-9905604).
  • Farm Fiesta is an exclusive event held by Rosa Farms for its guests, welcoming the harvest season; where the participants are treated to a whole day of fun and detox activities, where we attempt to bring back the joys of our childhood, and share these joys with our children and peers.

    During a Farm Fiesta Day, guests are treated to the following:

  • Morning Merienda Buffet (starting 9:00 AM)
  • Farm Tour & Farm History
  • Unlimited Ripe & Green Mangoes (with bagoong), Brewed Coffee, and Beverages the entire day
  • Kiddie Pool (Rosa Farms’ water reservoir is transformed into a make-shift pool for the kids)
  • Fiesta Buffet Lunch (Fresh Pinoy-themed dishes)
  • Outdoor Siesta Massage
  • Back-to-childhood games and activities (Pukpok Palayok, Pabitin, etc.)
  • Gardening and Herbal Tea-Making Workshops
  • Afternoon Merienda Buffet
  • Individual Pasalubong Packs



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