Pleasantly Surprised: Museo Orlina, Tagaytay

To be honest, when I found out we were going to a glass museum I was pretty freaked out my minions would break anything and everything, no pieces left behind. Plus, I wasn’t sure how much I would be into a glass museum. I am happy to report, Museo Orlina was cool! It is a funny and unique museum with some really cool pieces and if my rambunctious brood of boys aged 1-5 years old can enjoy it, my golly anyone can enjoy it.

A short introductory video is shown to familiarize you with the artist and his mediums. Ramon Orlina initially started using the left over glass residue from industrial glass used for doors, windows and drinking glasses. He would melt down the left overs and sculpt! Fascinating. Obviously, these are not his only mediums and there are other artists works at Museo Orlina. The museum itself is sprawled on three different levels of the home and spills over to the backyard and garage.

Most pieces are labeled for touching or not touching. So, there are some safe places to explore with your hands and body but many are not. I told my children this was an eyes only museum unless special permission was given.

I loved this primary color staircase.
We all had a good giggle when we saw these chairs. And yes, we definitely got a picture. *Picture at bottom of post.


The blue shirts were a really cool idea. Ramon made a mold of his old dress shirts and then filled them with the up cycled glass. I was waiting for the face chair to begin speaking. It reminded me of something from Alice In Wonderland with its lifelike raised texture. The lower right photo is a fountain! Ramon was commissioned to make this particular fountain for wine to be served at a party.

I really liked the backyard because I was not on edge with my three little rascals. Plus, its freely open to just roam and explore. IMG_4193IMG_4192

Lastly, the garage which included a Ben Cab beetle and a 1950’s deco art Volvo. Cool stuff.

Cheeky fella’s in their pwet (bum) chairs.

Things To Know:

  • We went midweek during our stay at The Cabin and it was fantastic because nobody was there and there was no traffic. Remember #AnyWeekdayTagaytay. 🙂 We also went to the Flower Farm.
  • Museo Orlina
    Hollywood Subdivision Road.,
    Brgy. Tolentino East, Hollywood Subd.,
    Tagaytay CityMobile No.   : +63 906 434 0862 (Ms. Haidee Bedruz)
    Tel. No.          :  (046) 413 2581
    email               :   info@museo-orlina.orgManila office:
    Orlina AtelierMobile No.   : +63 917 880 5108
    Tel. Nos.        :  (02) 781 5918 / 781 9471
    Telefax           :  (02) 749 6439
    email               :
    website          :
  • IMG_4214
  • Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 2.30.40 PM



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