The Flower Farm, Tagaytay

DSC07055A flower farm? Yup. Oh Philippines, I just love you. In my opinion this should be on your list of things to do. Wether it be for your play group, field trip, family pictures or part of your #AnyWeekdayTagaytay stay at The Cabin like it was ours, you should go. If you love nature and green spaces it is a must.

The Flower Farm was originally started all the way back in 1984 and has continued to grow into the enterprise it is today with stores in Makati and Alabang while the actual farm is located in Tagaytay. They are the largest supplier of blooms to Manila’s Dangwa flower market, which I need to get to badly. The farm currently sits on seven hectares of land with fifteen greenhouses dedicated to the various florals. It really was remarkable to roam for a few hours with every minute being full of greens and petals.

Our tour was hosted by one of the lead farmers and he took us all over the property and into multiple of the 15 greenhouses. I lost count of how many greenhouses we actually went in. He knew the names of every plant and told us their use, growing patterns and harvests.

DSC07008The first green house had many leafy house plants and trees. Most of the plants are used for decor. My personal favorites in this greenhouse were the miniature pineapples used for floral arrangements and Miracle Fruit. At full size they are only about one inch long. DSC07014The other show stopper was this mysterious and incredible plant, The Miracle Fruit. I had just recently heard of Miracle Fruit at Rosa Farm’s in Zambales. They were using the natural sweetener in the green mango shakes. I didn’t get to try one but was highly curious about this berry/fruit. The famer let us try one of the berries and it was crazy because for the next few hours everything that was supposed to taste sweet was accentuated. My apple was almost overpowering and my water had a perfect natural sweet flavor. I am not sure how it works but I want to find out more. I am kicking myself that I did not buy the plant as it was only 1,500php and produces fruit for more than 3 years. DSC07018DSC07030The Flower Farm is set atop rolling hills. As you make your way to the different greenhouses there are open space between each one with different varieties of trees and plants. It was more diverse than anything I have seen before.

The chrysanthemum greenhouse was breathtaking. Remarkable to see rows upon rows of mums. These were my wedding flowers so it was particularly tender. They had three greenhouses dedicated to mums. This first one housed the ripening blooms, the second was the harvest (empty) house and the third was the starters and planters for the flowers.


The starter greenhouse for the mums. They apparently grow better in the dark so they shade these greenhouses.

I was so impressed with how they carried the loads of flowers! Off to Dangwa they go.


The greenhouses are massive. These are considered only two greenhouses.

Being swallowed up by a fruit tree.
We saw quite a few peculiar plants. Left to right, a warty leaf, medusas hair in plant form and tasseled long skinny leaves. This is of course the technical terms. I  kid, I can’t remember their real names.


This Chinese Lantern flower was remarkable in the way the it really resembled it’s name. I had never seen anything like it before.
Succulents, potted plants and herbs oh my! The Italian Thyme shrub was so potent. Pictured below, my son is smelling the powerful scent after rubbing it in his hands. In the lower right you will notice chocolate mint. They had a large variety of different potted herbs. The price was very cheap, maybe around 100php.

Again, the plants and flowers were amazing but was so was the open grass to freely roam. We could have spent half the day here.

Little Baguio greenhouse with ferns and other small green shrubbery.

The Flower Farm’s main office houses a room for floral arranging and classes. Part of the tour is getting to create your own floral arrangement or a potted herb. You can also buy your own florals and have them arranged there.

DSC07158We particularly loved this part of the tour as it was so hands on. Make sure to get your hands dirty, that is where all the fun is! DSC07170We planted Thai Basil that is somehow still surviving over a month later. DSC07174*Sometimes kids have other plans. I never want to give off the impression that my kids just love everything we do, they don’t. I usually do, but they do not always. This little guy through a fit most of the tour which was a huge pain for me. He ended up sitting out to calm down much of the tour but was so happy to come back and join for the planting. It is always a good feeling that we can leave happily. I want to go back to the Flower Farm so we both can actually enjoy it more. DSC07175

Things To Know:

  • Our trip to the Flower Farm was part of our awesome #AnyWeekDayTagaytay stay at Discovery Country Suites. I highly recommend coupling this with a stay there and of course, do it on a weekday. (: We also went to a spunky little museum, Museo Orlina.
  • The Flower Farm farm (not stores) is located in Tagaytay just past Sky Ranch on the right. Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 7.48.54 AM
  •   Name Ms. Angie Magsino Email Address: Contact Number: 0923-7241136
  • You must set up a tour reservation. I believe the entrance fee is 100-300 pesos inclusive of a takeaway plant/flowers. I am not sure if you can show up just to buy large quantities but it could be a great resource.
  • It can be warm so plan for sun with protection and of course water and snacks.
  • Bathrooms are available.

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Gemma Rose Delantar says:

    Good Afternoon Ma’am, I’m Gemma Rose Delantar an Agribusiness student of Visayas State University. I would like to ask if do you accept students for OJT on your farm?


    1. amber says:

      Hi! This isn’t my farm 🙂 I just visited.


      1. Gemmsy Delantar says:

        a, okay hehe I thought you’re part of their farm production. 😀


  2. anni says:

    hi,where is the farm located?


    1. amber says:

      It is in Tagatay in the same neighborhood as Paradizoo 🙂


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