New Hits: Freezer Burn and Pink’s

Manila is getting everythaaaang! We have legit Mexican and the finest Parisian Macarons and now the heart of America, hot dogs. I kid. But seriously,  I’ve never even been to a Pink’s in America but we now have one a few minutes away in Manila. We decided to indulge a few weekends back and hit up Pink’s and capped it off with newly opened Freezer Burn.

The boys loved playing in the VW Bus while waiting for our order. As you can see, The Farmacy has opened up a quaint shop in the VW Bus. What are you looking at Ozzie? Cheeky fella. I loved the interiors and overall vibe of Pink’s. As I mentioned before, I have never been to the one in America but it did feel like we had stepped back in time to a great era of American History. 

If you are a normal medium sized American female like myself, do not make the fatal mistake of only ordering one hot dog. Unless of course you know you are going to get Freezer Burn after, which thankfully we were. The hotdogs were really good but not as filling as I thought they would be. IMG_5398 (1)

The buns are made in house and fresh at Pink’s daily. I loved the added poppy seeds on mine. The menu is quite diverse so be adventurous and give it a go. IMG_5402 (1)IMG_5447

After consuming way too many calories but not having a full tummy we walked up High Street to eat our way through the soft opening of Freezer Burn. GUYS, CAN YOU HEAR ME? IS THIS THING ON? Freezer Burn is such a cool concept. The whole idea is that you are combining hot and cold for a culinary adventure! It is the bomb and it is a total experience. The interiors had me swooning. Following the SMEG inspired branding, it is perfectly quaint, dainty and also tasty. I cannot express how ridiculously good the ice cream is. The desserts and combinations were so creative and unique but the ice cream is what bridged the wild flavors perfectly. I honestly think there should be a paper list to check off all the different Freezer Burn combos as you go. Have I embarrassed myself by writing that? Well, now you know my affinity for food. *Freezer Burn’s dessert combos can be found on their FB page.

The G’Day Mate combines butter ice cream, honey comb and warm sticky pudding. Oh my!

Someone went a little mad for their dessert. Pictured below is the junkie which contains all the junk food in the whole world. I kid but seriously, if you have a sweet tooth this is your main squeeze.

Cookies and junk food ice cream paired with crispy warm donuts. Ah yeah!

Do not forget the syringe of caramel to really put it over the top. Kids are totally into the “adding your own topping” and that little vial of deliciousness made for some very happy boys. The mint was perfectly minty in my Thick Mint. It was not overbearing with a medicinal minty flavor nor was it overwhelming like a sweet mint gum; it was perfectly minty. The brownies were thinly toasted and gooey in the middle, just as a brownie should be. Goodness, my mouth is salivating as I type this. I have followed Miko’s work for the last few years and it has been fun to connect on social media and in real life. He is a trailblazer. Us Manila dwellers owe him and others alike for revolutionizing the food scene. Can we all agree that life here has gotten better because the food has gotten better? Just comparing 2009 to 2016 there is a world of difference. I am constantly inspired by Filipinos who follow their dreams and passions. With pure chocolate ice cream this gluten free boy was sitting pretty (messy, really really messy). He needed an immediate change after. It dawned on me that this was the first time we had explored High Street as a family. When it was just us two and then us three we used to spend more time. But since we moved out to Pasig and added a few more family members our time at High Street was reduced. It was nostalgic reminiscing about those old days. 


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