Ugu Bigyan Potters Garden

Ugu’s house when you enter the property.
I love the culture of The Philippines because Filipino’s are proud of what they have here. When we travel Filipinos are friendly and often tip us off to great places we would have not otherwise known about. Finding places to go and see from locals is for sure my favorite way to travel. Ugu Bigyan’s Pottery Garden was just 10 kilometers down the road from Sitio De Amor and I had no idea. Thankfully Lola Mor told us it was a must before heading back to Manila. She also tipped us off about Ugu’s birthday sale, 53% off this August 6.

Ugu (August) Bigyan is a world famous potter who lives and creates at his potter’s garden nestled in Tiaong Laguna, just three hours south of Manila. Ugu opened his home and studio up to the public in the year 2000 and it has only continued to grow in popularity, especially among food lovers.

DSC08235As usual, I was most impressed with the open space and grounds. My goodness, I was loving the exposed brick and massive trees everywhere. It had a hint of Southwest design, which I am a sucker for. DSC08236DSC08237The wind chimes located all over the pottery garden created the sweetest sound as they danced in the breeze. I am already regretting I did not buy anything. Guess I will just have to go back again. DSC08238DSC08258DSC08259

The store was open air and beautifully arranged. Each piece is obviously a handmade work of art which is reflected in the visual presentation and price tag. The muted colors and organic themes had me lusting. I am not in a position of life with three small children to invest in such nice serving ware but I loved the birds and wind chimes. *Ugu is having a birthday sale this August 6 with everything at 53% off for his 53 birthday! You do not want to miss out. Most prices range from 1600php-5ooophp.

The details around the garden were simple but added to the charm. I especially loved the fish worked into the walk way.

Apparently you can make reservations and eat the garden. The food is said to be remarkable. They also have ample space and rooms for team and work retreats. DSC08260DSC08261DSC08263DSC08265They have potters onsite and you can take a workshop from one of the resident artists or Ugu himself. You must make reservations before and they even have accommodations to stay overnight.

I am still learning to use my camera properly, sorry for the blurry photo.

I love the detail of the branch handles.

A secret potters garden.

Ugu’s house is quite a sight.
Things To Know:

  • You do not need a reservation to enter the grounds and shop. They often only accept cash so be prepared. For the big sale on August 6 they do accept credit card.13667997_1435519926473444_8754154015037396185_o
  • Meals, classes and accomodations can be provided with reservations. I have no idea what the price is as I stopped only for a few minutes.
  • Located at 490 Alvarez Village. Brgy Lusacan, 4325 Tiaong. Contact number is 042-545-9144, 0917-560-5708, 0917-560-7973,042-545-8689 and email is 
  • It is just three hours drive south of Manila. These are the sweet hand written directions from Lola Mor. 🙂

IMG_6073Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 1.39.28 PM

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Philippa says:

    Hi Amber, how far is Ugu’s place from Lola Mars?


    1. amber says:

      Not at all! It’s only 10km. Go and enjoy.


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