Apparently I Host Events Now: Kenwood Philippines Launch

This is me before I host. Pictured on the left is what I actually feel like and pictured on the right is what I pretend to feel like. 

This social media world is a funny one. Sometimes I wonder to myself, “How did you even get here?” For example, why was I on stage holding a microphone leading an event for Colombo Philippines? The answer is often because I talk a lot and am overly friendly. (This has it’s advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes I put myself in really awkward situations, such is life.) Meeting the Colombo Philippine ladies a few months back at Mothers Who Brunch was super enjoyable. They are easy to talk to and we obviously share a love for kitchen appliances. To my surprise they asked me to be the host (MC/Master Of Ceremonies) of the British supported Kenwood Philippines launch. I am usually always down for a new adventure so I thought about it for a day and then threw caution to the wind and sent my confirmation.

This particular launch had massive international support with regional directors from Hong Kong, Australia and The UK helping plan, participate and attend the launch. The event itself was held at the British ambassador’s residence and had a one of a kind display featuring a Mini Cooper being pulled by a Kenwood Kitchen Machine. Fun fact: this was the first time this had been done outside of The UK. Way to go Manila! We really are getting everythaaaang. 🙂

As you can see they pulled out all the stops welcoming the guests with a red carpet, an iconic British theme and even a mini museum displaying the progression of Kenwood Kitchen Machines. In order to enter the event you even had to have an event passport and a stamp for boarding. It was a really cool concept. The boarding passes were then used as a raffle at the end of the event. There were so many giveaways I think no one left empty handed.

The event showcased the presence of Kenwood here in The Philippines, British design and the partnership with local culinary schools. Kenwood takes great bride in their British design and functionality. One of the lead designers and in house chef both spoke, educated us really, during the event. It was eye opening. Colombo Philippines partnered with the major culinary schools in the metro giving each campus a kitchen machine. Phenomenal! They were challenged to make a British dish with a Filipino twist. My personal favorite was beef kalderata shepherds pie.

The iconic British design was a personal favorite.
This is probably the only selfie you will ever see on this blog.

The Kenwood team from South East Asia were all warm and friendly. I love living in Manila because not a day goes by that I am not exposed to something culturally new. This event was no exception. Thanks for entrusting me with this opportunity Kenwood and Colombo crew.

I know when to be professional but most of the time I am just big idiot making inappropriate (but funny) comments.
I believe I did not say anything incriminating this night. Please no videos!
Here I am ferociously memorizing my next comments while Ambassador Asif Ahmad cooly handles the mic.

Just a quick word on events. Before I began blogging I had no idea what an event was. I will attempt to explain this funny sub culture that so heavily exists not only Manila but in the social media community world wide. Brands are all about using real people to get their brand and message out to the world. Events are a fun way to access a bunch of different people offering outlets to a diverse number of communities. Here in The Philippines events can be super fun.

Last month I attended the event for the season two launch of The Chef Next Door at Le Jardin. For sure this was the most entertaining because they had kareoke as a competition using attendee volunteers, it’s more fun in The Philippines. This particular event also had a live band, The Bloomfields and they were outrageously talented. They are often referred to as The Beatles of The Philippines and I see why. There is usually a giant spread of delicious food at events. Eating is such a communal part of The Filipino culture it only makes sense this would be at every gathering. Also, SELFIES. You ain’t in Manila unless you see people selfie-ing all day everyday.

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