Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens, Antipolo

IMG_6831From the first photo I saw of Luljetta’s I knew I wanted to visit. Swimming in a pool on a mountain side over looking the Manila skyline with hanging gardens is pretty dreamy if you ask me. Luljetta’s fulfilled all my fantasies as an eight year old girl. I was literally frolicking in a mountain side of pools and gardens.

I have wanted to do an umbrella installation for years. I love how this one is put together with the bright varying colors.
Upon check in you will receive lovely ginger tea and a basket with your towel and robe. I want the robe so so bad. I am going to attempt to find the fabric and have a robe/dress made.

Luljetta’s is the ultimate chill. The whole movement for Luljetta’s is to enjoy the serenity of the gardens and pools. This is done through massages, hot tubs, saunas and serenity gardens etc. Children are permitted but they must be accompanied by an adult and for good reason. This isn’t a place I will be bringing my children to as I want to enjoy and relax completely.


Luljetta’s is sprinkled with pools, relaxation cabanas and fish spas. If you haven’t experienced a fish spa give it a go, just once. It is so weird to have little fish nibble on your dead skin. It is pain free but not tickle free. The un-comfort levels are that of a pre pubescent boy and girl attempting to slow dance. Good luck!

The scaling walk ways all over the gardens add a maze effect. With windey stair cases it adds to a more secluded experience. You have to really work for where you are going. DSC08761Here she blows, the iconic Luljetta’s infinity pool shot. DSC08781

I think I was intended to live in the Buddha Room, located just above the main infinity pool. The robes, exposed wood, open air, glass windows all had my interior design heart swooning. I took photos of the intricate details so that when I grow up and own/build a home of my own I can incorporate these concepts. It has dawned on me that part of the reason I love Antipolo is because creating a home is so important to me and no one place has inspired me more with home spaces than Antipolo has. Pinto Museum started it, The Beehouse deepened it and Luljetta’s capped it off.

There are multiple massage huts, relaxation cabanas and a large kubo for lounging including games and movies.

Luljetta’s Place Bed and Breakfast is newly opened and has many available options for families. The family premiere rooms are spacious and offer two separate sleeping spaces, one up stairs and one down stairs. There is a fantastic pool located right near the room stays. The breakfast served was divine. Eat as much tocino as you can!

Things To Know:

  • Luljetta’s is very romantic but would also be the ultimate girls get away. I have a bee in my bonnet and I am going to have a ladies day out here. Who wants to join me?
    Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens and Spa
    Loreland Farm Resort
    Brgy. San Roque, 
    Antipolo City, Philippines 1870
    How To Get Here
    Transportation (Shuttle Service)OPERATING HOURS (for pools and spa services)
    Monday-Friday, Sunday from 10am to 9pm
    Saturday from 10am to 11pmLULJETTA’S CAFE
    Daily from 10am-9pmHOLIDAY SCHEDULE:
    June 12, 2016: 10am-9pm (INDEPENDENCE DAY)

    Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens and Spa is by reservation basis.
    Confirmed guests are guaranteed of entrance and or spa services if payment has been made in advance and upon presentation of a booking order in our reception.
    Walk in guests are not guaranteed of entrance and or spa services especially on weekends and peak season.
    We highly encourage that you make your reservation. Thank you.

*Full disclosure: sometimes brands think I am awesome enough to invite me to frolic in beautiful places in hopes that I will share these gems with you. Thanks to Bienvendio Tour for sponsoring a trip to Antipolo so I could share the joy with others. All opinions are my own, obviously.

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