Filipina Entrepreneurs

I loved this colorful contrast of the chalk residue against the glass bottles snapped at the opening event of The Glass Bar. Everyone in attendance was encouraged to write a positive message and well wishes. I loved the idea of building up the new establishment with positivity and this to me emulates what I hope to do with this post.

We live in a beautiful mix of a booming metro and culture full of entrepreneurs. Filipinos are no strangers to braving a start up, wether it be as small as a sari-sari or as large as a shoe mart, they just do it. I am constantly amazed at the entrepreneurial spirit of the Filipino culture, particularly that of the Filipina spirit.

Women are a massive work force here. They work hard and hold high ranking positions, more so than I personally feel women in my home country do. As I have started blogging I often get to attend events and receive swag from many different brands. My aim of this blog and it’s content doesn’t often lend itself to consumer posts but more so shedding light on a new culture. So, today I would like to share some brands backed by powerful Filipinas who are chasing dreams one craft, bazaar, farm or foundation at a time. I am grateful to know their stories and share them today.

Flow Retreats – Three young moms Noelle, Monica and Denise got together and organized a Surf Yoga Samba retreat in 2009 and from that birthed Flow Retreats and wellness markets. They are all health conscience and mindful mothers who are tailoring wellness retreats and markets to uplift, educate and inspire a community. They have partnered with Holy Carabao and Acacia Waldorf School for Flow On The Farm September 3.Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 7.36.14 PM

Holy Carabao – Hindy and Melanie were seeking more from their food and more community for farmers so they put up Holy Carabao Farm. They believe in holistic farming and knowing your farmers. They grow much of their produce and live stock on the farm and also have a community of tight knit farmers who work together to bring the best organic foods to the metro.*They do farm tours and you can pick your own loot. Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 3.37.18 PMCourtesy of

Spectrum Fair – A mother and daughter team, Alyssa and Pia, fused their love of shopping and good taste into a lively curated event – Spectrum Fair Manila. Featuring all local businesses, Spectrum fair offers items including clothing, food, home design, jewelry and much more. Check out Spectrum Fair September 17-18 at White Space Manila.IMG_7633

Fluffy Pwets – Tina and her husband created Fluffy Pwets to offer a local and sustainable cloth diaper to The Philippines. It has grown to so much more. Fluffy Pwets really stays true to the local idea by partnering with local influencers (is there really not a better word? Help me out!) to collaborate and design a line with impact and meaning. Recently I went to the launch of the Team Cramer X Fluffy Pwet launch for their new bed linens. I sort of love being clueless about celebrities here because there is no stigma when I meet someone new. I first met Cheska at our childrens’ school and I later saw her on a billboard and then on IG and figured out she is a huge celebrity here. Honestly, she is so so so kind. Genuinely kind. We often put celebrities in this weird bubble but she doesn’t fit. She’s your working mom who does enrollment at the school herself, attends their performances and also has a tv show and her face on a dozen billboards, ha.

Cole Vintage – Cole Vintage is a locally produced clothing line created by native Loraine Gotoa. Coincidentally, Loraine was raised in the same village where we currently reside – small world. I have a few Cole Vintage pieces and they are perfect for a busy mom, they allow me to move but also look like I care about my clothes. We all know the struggle is real. IMG_7342

Builder Blocks – Guys! I was an early childhood educator for years and loved building and knocking down the bold primary color cardboard building blocks. I was of course filled with sentiment when I saw that Manila has a lokal option – Builder Blocks Manila brought to us by sister act and moms, Justine and Sandhya, who saw a need for the product here. I love that Filipinas see a need, have a dream, make a goal and just go for it. They make it happen. *If you are a resident in the Makati/BGC area they are usually at the Dasmariñas Village Wednesday Bazaar.

Try Local PH – Three lovely friends, Cat, Francesca, and Kristine seeking more of an outlet to help boom local economy and small Filipino business created TLPH. TLPH features persons, brands and experiences to help you get the best experience here. It is essential a lokal digest. Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 3.43.12 PMPsst that happens to by my photo of suman in the lower left corner. #kilig

So True Naturals – One of the brilliant minds behind The Traveling Trunk has her original passion project, So True Naturals. Using only the highest of ingredients, Mia makes the dreamiest candles, soaps and sprays. I used to lug home candles from Target every summer but when I was gifted one of her’s, I have never looked back. Her scents are strong, not over powering, but delicate. The all natural woodsy mosquito spray is to die for and I may or may not have stolen the baby cologne and wear it as my fragrance. Guys, you know I speak the truth so please know I am saying all this from my very over excited heart.Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 3.56.43 PMCourtesy of So True Instagram account 

Body Food All Natural – Listen up! This woman is breaking grounds. She is the ultimate empowering female and I love her. Ana is the head of HEDCen in Antipolo, my dream school for my children. As her side project she makes her own coconut oils and cold pressed soaps. As if it couldn’t get better, she is teaching others with the whole idea to empower them with skills to start up their own businesses. She pretty much has two academies in my mind, HEDCen and Body Food All Natural. While her products are the absolute top of the line, my respect runs so much deeper as her goal is to empower and educate to create sustainability. Huzzah! Can’t keep a good woman down.

Courtesy of Ana’s IG

Glass Bar – Our beloved Crescent Moon just got better. Majalya saw a need for a space for those in Antipolo to gather and create together. Following her passion and gentle nudges from her mother, she created The Glass Bar. The Glass Bar is a space where artists can gather for workshops, events or just to craft. I will be teaching a sewing class here in November so keep your eyes open. 🙂

Gentle Hands – It is hard for me to put into words the respect Gentle Hands and her creator Charity, deserves. While Charity is from Canada she was raised with her family in a birthing center here in The Philippines. She returned to Canada for university studies and got married, had a few kids and then the push to move back became too hard to ignore. She now runs Gentle Hands with a full Filipino staff of nurses, teachers, social workers and the like. Gentle Hands is an orphanage and children’s home for what seems to be the worst off. If I could write eloquently enough to shake you to your core I would attempt. Please know that miracles happen because of this organization. Located in Cubao, Gentle Hands can use any volunteering and donations. *For daily inspiration (and gentle nudges to help) follow them on FB. Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 4.09.40 PMCourtesy of GHI FB

Center For Possibilities – Started by a single mother, Dolores saw a need for her son with special needs to have a support system that encompassed all differences. The Center For Possibilities is an organization to help families thrive by creating a purpose and possibilities for those with special needs. I was able to preview the documentary, Yakap, created by CFP with the intent to show how three Filipino families embrace their children with disabilities. The goal is to help break the stigma of being ashamed of these children and give them possibilities and a place in the Filipino communities. CFP would like Yakap to be available to all schools and communities. Please contact CFP at 02 723-1242.IMG_7651Here I am taking a selfie with AJ a 12 year old with global developmental delay and one of the stars of Yakap. 

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    I admire you featuring positive thoughts about the Philippines and the Filipino people. Saludo!


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      Ah thank you Vinneve

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    I’m a filipino too! This is wonderful! I just followed you! Let’s connect! I just posted my paris trip! XOXO


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